Investiture photo and dvd packs

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by randomgary, Jul 2, 2010.

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  1. just recieved mine through the post!! i ordered the sovereign collection package x2 and 5 dvd's of the event!!

    its arrived and i have 8 photos total (4 pics doubled) a5 size, a booklet talking about honours and awards and 7 dvd's tailored to follow me on the day

    cost me £253 and its not alot for the money!!! anyone else purchased it and feel hard done by?
  2. I must be on an old Batco page.......
  3. hopefully it makes perfect sense to those who have purchased the packages :D
  4. Presumably you got a free medal most will never receive - sounds like a good deal to me :).

  5. not really my point!! its an external company offering a service!!! they have the market cornered and i assumed there would be more to a £253 quid media package than i recieved!!! we all know about assumptions i suppose
  6. RandomGary,

    Just to confirm, you paid £253 quid without understanding what you would be getting for the money?

    I can do you a photo of a random Gary for £250.

  7. was kinna caught in the moment so didnt take in the details! i just went for the top package!! like i say the market is cornered so its the only place you can get these pictures! its a one off event in my life so it had to be done
  8. What is this package?
  9. its a media package they offer at investitures. photos and dvd's of the days events
  10. Oh I see. My old man picked up his MBE, but I don't recall any gucci DVDs?

    I assume you didn't get what you thought you were getting? Can you not complain, and try for a refund?
  11. i believe they have been offering this for a while!!! no point complaining as its a one off event and i really want the photos! you do not get alot for the money but with no alternate services available it looks like a nesessary evil!!!

    all the other companies could only take pics inside the quadrangle and none of the investiture itself
  12. I'm going back 16 years or so. My old man has a photo outside somewhere, but none inside the ballroom.
  13. well it says they have an archive library back to 1991!!!

    will pass the number if you wanna see one of these packs first hand lol
  14. Haha, for that price, no thanks.
  15. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Leaving aside the booklet that's actually good value.

    You got eight 8"x 6" prints and 7 DVD's.

    In the horse world an 8x6 for a bog standard event will set you back £15ea unmounted. That means that the DVDs are also approx £15ea.

    Considering the occasion and where the pictures were taken I'd say that you got a bloody good deal, and if anything the photographer is underpricing!