Investigations into Iraq shootings

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Von-Ryan, Jun 27, 2004.

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  1. I wonder how many serving members are aware of the investigations that are going on into the incidents where British soldiers shot Iraqis in Iraq from TELIC 2 onwards? At the time the policy into investigations allowed COs to decide whether the RMP should investigate or not. It now appears that, thanks to a lefty right on lawyer by the name of Phil Shiner, who went to the High Court, that many of these cases are being re-opened. There are a good number of soldiers who shot Iraqis in contacts during TELIC 2, who were told by their COs that they acted within the ROE and would not be investigated, that are now having their collars felt by the RMP and (in one case) by the Met Police. This has not broken widely but should have done as who would like to guess how much support said soldiers will get from the MOD once they stand accused? Remember Tim Collins? Ah, yes. None at all.

    Make you think twice about opening fire in the future? Just a minute sir, I need to call my lawyer............ :(
  2. Lefty Lawyers and Lefty Journo's = c*nts, personally I hope they all die a long slow painful death.....come to think of it ALL lefties can f*ck off and die.

    I've run out of Jack Daniels....can you tell ?
  3. Subtle, Armourer, but I just managed to pick up the vaguest hint of a signal you were out of're startin' to sound like Keith Richards. :lol:
  4. No 1 safety rule now applies - say nothing and call for a lawyer.

    for all the abuse they get here, now you find out why they earn their beans! :twisted:

    this is a political type enquiry, so someone is going to get nailed, either the guys on the ground for shooting outside ROE, the witnesses for alleged false statements, the middle order ranks for failing to supervise, or the higher echelons for attempting to pervert by ditching the enquiry. (and probably the firing point NCO for not collecting the brass :) )

    hunker down, tin hats on, call for the brief and stay shstoom. - you get free legal aid if you are the suspect (why fight them on your own)
  5. In the words of the late, great Warren Zevon: "Bring me lawyers, guns an' money, 'cos the shi* has hit the fan." 8)
  6. The point is here that these shootings should have been investigated by independent people from outside the unit in the first place. That didn't happen (because the policy was wrong) and now, as HRA applies the matters will need to be investigated properley, I know it's not much consollation but if people have operated within the rules they will have nothing to worry about.