Investigation into Fuel Prices

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Napoleon_Bunnyparte, May 30, 2011.

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  1. From the link
    Could it be because the tax is over 60%
  2. And why is the tax at 60%? To pay for the unwashed.
  3. The oil companies make basically sod all off a litre of petrol. By the time they've covered costs and paid the taxes they only get something like 7p a litre. You can protest all you like, there's no way that tax is going to get cut. Not without being put back on somewhere else anyway.

    It's paying for your bloody Para pay! ;)
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  4. Its a clever move by the goverment, seeing as some people blame the oil companies and even motoring groups can't seem to grasp some very simple facts.
  5. Yeah, cheers mucker. Now go and put some more fuel in your motor! :)
  6. Ha Ha suckers, it doesn't affect me as I use Public Transport.
  7. UK Tax on Petrol has and always will be a “ Milch cow “ source of Tax Revenue . The situation has been aggravated because the population of this country has become more mobile and car dependant over time . All governments are aware of this and know that the increase in motoring costs will have to be absorbed by the car running public . Do not imagine for one moment the situation will change with electric cars … perhaps short term yes to encourage their sales but in the long term lost fuel revenue will be recouped by some creative revenue raising method on this green mode of transport .
  8. For Fucks Sake, not again.

    This is NOT starting to get boring, it is............. lets retire to the Bar and extract the Urine

    You all know my thoughts on this, can we change the World, can we chuff.
  9. Yep. Look at road tax. Less than 10% of the money robbed off us goes back into the road system.
  10. Indeed. Is it my imagination or has LPG doubled in price in the last couple of years, since a lot more people had their car converted because it was so cheap compared to petrol...
  11. Solar powered is it?
  12. Unless you don't eat , buy nothing , never go on holiday etc then it affects you nearly as much as everyone else , how do you think food gets to the shop ?
  13. It's not. 60% is the proportion of the cost of a litre that goes in tax.

    You pay for the fuel then you pay about one and a half times the cost of the fuel in VAT and duty.

    UK petrol is currently taxed at about 170%.