Investigating buried aircraft....

Well, still chasing my hobby. To this end, heard one or two interesting stories about Shawbury. To this end, i'd like to get permission to run a metal detector over two areas.

The regular discoloured features bordering the runway are the 2 areas of interest. Anyone know who I have to apply to, for permission?

Thanks in advance

Thanks for that Pegasus, e-mail away........
Discoloured areas on an airfield usually mean groundcrew pouring their sedi checked aviation fuel anywhere other then the correct place.  

Don't light a match whilst searching with yer metal mer-tec-ter
tut tut Gh thought that was just our MT boys.

Welcome back !  ;D

I've poured it in places you'd batter me for (and half a dozen MTWO/MTO's).   ;D

Once gave advice to an RLC chappy who dropped the top hatch key in the tank on a cow.  He asked me if I thought it would be dangerous to take his clothes off and go in and get it.  I replied no, so long as you close your eyes, wear ears plugs and held yer nose.  The thick fcuk actually went in that night, didn't recover the top hatch key, and spent the rest of the ex an off shade of yellow (including shivering, sweating and complaining of rough skin !).   :D  Wonder were he is now?
Been spreading the dohnut luv all around ;D

I used to pour the water sedi straight back in the top hatch :D F*ck em! Did stop doing that when I went DG, Cant see a young handsome chap like me coming into danger.

Would tell a story about an OCs dog, what we thought was an empty bowser, a bit of waste ground and a big ball of flames, but might give away my identity and crime. 8)
Talking of dogs, old 2IC's dog, Rosy.  All got told not to feed it, cos it was over weight.  HA..... didn't stop me (probably cos I couldn't stand this bloke, so I took it out on his dog, cos she couldn't speak).  Feed it sausage butties everyday, crisps, gave it a liking for Mars bars and gave it milk out of the fridge.   He couldn't understand why it was getting fatter.   ;)  Thinking about it, everyone else was doing it as well (even caught the OC feeding it).

Now, we could start a thread off about Avtur (filling up my civvie mates VW diesel at Oakington and seeing if it would work, and it did !!!).    ;D

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