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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by fertman, Mar 13, 2010.

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  1. Considering that the usual bunch of tw@ts who have led this country up the garden path to the compost heap expect to be automatically given further tenure to shaft us all, might I suggest that all ARRSERS vote UKIP. Or failing that, could someone in the Stan ask the Taliban if they might be interested in running the show?
  2. And why would voting UKIP change the face of British politics?
    1. Are they going to contest every seat on their one policy platform?
    2. Are you saying they would be better than the shower we already have?
    3. Are they going to stop claiming expenses? (Judging by the amount they get in Europe, I doubt it).
    4. Have they got the political experience to run the social security budget?
    5. Indeed, have they got the experience to run any type of budget?
    6. Have they got defence experts to ensure the forces are run correctly?
    7. Apart from wanting to withdraw from the EU, what else are they offering?
    8. Is their leader a world statesman who can add any influence to the way Britain is seen?
    9. Do they have any coherent policy on crime and the police in the UK?
    10. When they lose the most influential export market (the EU) that Britain has, will trading with other countries decrease or increase our budget deficiency?

    I doubt they have any solutions or even the expertise to deal with the above problems. Don't exhort all Arrsers to vote your deluded way. I won't do the intelligent members of the forum the disservice of exhorting them to vote the way I want as they are all capable of making up their own minds, thank you very much. Not, of course, that it would make any difference anyway due to the extremely small numbers spread across so many constituencies. Now, of course, if the Forces had their own parliamentary seat it might be a different story. But they don't, and so it won't.
  3. As correct as your observations may be, UKIP are probably no worse in most areas than the current crop of oxygen thieves.
  6. Duckule .....yeah!!!! Why not!!! Uncle Bulgaria is a fine figure of an elder statesman who would give us no end of credibility on the international stage.....would certainly eclipse Obama!!!