inverted nipples

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by boris7, Jun 20, 2007.

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  1. being old and no teeth......I was I was allowed to be breast fed as opposed to being spoon fed..... Do any arrsers have any recommendations on being fed........I have been given the option of 2 boobs or a tin of Hienz Beenze!!!!....sorry about spelling & advertising!
  2. And in English?

    If you're given the choice 'Item X or Breasts?' the answer is always breasts, except where Item X is flange, beer, kebab, or curry; in which case it is entirely up to you.
  3. Inverted nipples and pregnant women was a issue (1977) old boss would every Sunday morning put on the breast pumps on all tits on pregnant women with inverted the milk and feed his cats......he later retired as a General
  4. This thread should be in the hole, at best the NAAFI.
  5. Have I been drinking, and forgotten about it?
  6. gone are the days....walking around the hospital female ward with a box of breast washers!!!!...Sister on the ward would say = "tits out" to all mums, and I had a box of fit just like a REME fitter .....= fact...and later we would have bets in the NAAFI....who used the biggest washer!!!!!!!
  7. Time for your medication Boris...

  9. Yeah, she administers single malt
  10. Excellent......morts points to you!!!
  11. Actually had a girlfriend with inverted nipples, never saw it before or since.
    Most disturbing.
  12. Ahem.....TO THE HOLE!!!!!!