Inverness man in "fist fight" with large owl

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Legallybald, Jan 30, 2013.

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  2. Sounds like the Buckie has kicked in. He's confusing "Owl" with "Rozzers".
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  3. I assume his head looks like a day old chick?
  4. .
    How the frig do you get involved in a fist fight with a bird of prey in the first place??
  5. My brother got knocked out by an Eagle Owl in the Zambian bush at night while riding a dirt bike back from the pub. Least thats what he reckons happened anyways.
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  6. More to the point, how do you lose a fist-fight with a 6lb bird?
  7. I feel sorry for him, "Brown Owl" was always a bit handy like, all the cubs and scouts were shit scared of her:


    ........she kicked the shit out of the local ACF officers though!
  8. isn't 'black' the current duty word?
  9. Owls have fists?
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  10. [​IMG]

    It has started...

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  11. I blame alcohol. They were probably scrapping over a dropped, deep fried Mars Bar.
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  12. i imagine by "2ft-high predator" they mean wingspan, if not it would've ripped his fucking head off.
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  13. Easy. Be homeless, pissed, smelly and scottish.
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  14. not long ago i was up north and my mate showed me a clipping from a local paper (possibly the ross-shire journal) which had a locally posted ad - "Have you seen this buzzard?" with picture. some blokes pet buzzard (wtf?) had escaped and he was offering a reward for its recapture. i like to believe he was presented with about 20 sacks by various random punters containing bloody thirsty pissed off buzzards.

    we dont do much to try and dispel the yokel perceptions
  15. No, if its a European Eagle Owl then they really are two feet tall, the wingspan is 5 or 6 feet.
    I used to know a man who had one. When hunting they take lambs, cats and small dogs with ease. They are big and they don't take prisoners. Their talons are about the size of your little finger
    They wouldn't hesitate to attack a full grown man.

    World Owl Trust - Muncaster Castle
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