Inventive uses for Liarbore Propoganda

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Squiddly, May 21, 2009.

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  1. I woke up this morning to a strange smell.
    Went downstairs, and sure enough on the proverbial doormat was a leaflet from the politburo featuring a woman and her daughter. I glimpsed part of the caption; "...will stand up for ordinary people to protect them and get them a fair deal".

    "Hmm this is interesting" I thought. "Which party is this?"
    Then I saw it had been sent by Liarbore. Stifling a gut laugh, I investigated the leaflet closer (keeping it closed to make sure no spin, lies and crap could escape into the house) to see if some wags at the post office had been sticking labour stickers on the leaflets of other parties.

    To my surprise and horror, this looked like the real thing. To my shame, I noticed that the caption indicated that this woman, "isobel", lives here in Sheffield. Which means that we have at least two labour voters in this city (I rode past another house with "vote labour" posters on one the inside of the windows, and smashed eggs on the outside, the other day).

    I mused as I cooked my spaghetti bologneise, surely labour are already badly in debt, deeply unpopular, voted for only by legions of chavs and Ashie, what the hell are they doing wasting money sending vaguely amusing comics to unsuspecting families?

    Once my bologneise cooked it occured to me that this leaflet from labour might be useful afterall. Nestling the hot bowl of food in it so as not to burn myself, I went on my merry way upstairs, making sure to lower the bologneise onto my desk, before dropping the labour leaflet into the bin at its side :) .

    I'm still recovering from the shock at the fact that labour think sending leaflets with so much small print it'd make a 1500% APR finance agreement look simple and honest, is going to gain them anything other than groans of derision. Still, it was nice to have not burned my hand :) .

    So folks, paper planes, origami, place mats, drinks coasters, what do you use your labour propoganda for? :D
  2. That is from the £10000 comunication money they all get
  3. I thought they spent that on releasing their speeches straight to dvd in urdu, punjabi, arabic, tamil, mexican, farsi, etc :? .
  4. Bog roll! There - I said it!
  5. I thought about that but it didn't look very absorbent. It was quite glossy.
  6. Got one in this morning myself. A picture of a family in Stirling and the quote..

    "Gordon Brown and Labour stand up for hardworking people and families and get them a fair deal in these tough times"

    Straight into the recycling bin!
  7. Probably the Raploch :twisted:
  8. Spreads the sh1t further :D
  9. Just noticed that i have recieved some Labour propaganda as well.... in Tyneside? They are really worried if they are canvassing the North-East! But i digress... the best part of this leaflet is what the other parties are doing, through rose tinted spectacles of course!

    On the Conservatives:

    Massive cuts? Since the only time i ever see a cop round here is on a night out on the town, its money well saved i suppose!

    On the Lib Dems:

    If there was a course on 'bending the truth', Labour would be able to get an A+ without any effort! Slightly worrying that these people are running the country....
  10. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Put in envelope, address to No10 (forget stamp) insert flyer.
  11. What, you mean through next doors letterbox? That was good of you. Spread the good word.
  12. I wonder if the guy who finally allowed liarbore to print their filth in his factory was given anything in return, you know, red-enameled labour party pin, peerage, something like that?
  13. Maybe it was what he didn't get? Arrested under the terrorism act or given an ASBO or something.
  14. Ah yes, that xyz days detention without trial can be a very persuasive thing 8O . Not really labour's style though is it. Maybe he got one of these, from Brown's own pocket :twisted:

  15. Ironically I did something simmilar but with twist. Eating my piping hot curry last night that I had just made I to seached for a tray/paper/folder to prevent the boiling hot plate from burning my legs, (i was still in shorts after football). Oh the irony when I decied to use a BNP leaflet to eat my curry on.