Inventing a New War Crime.......

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by FaceLikeAPingPongBall, Mar 19, 2007.

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  1. ITN announced this evening that it is to campaign for a new war crime of 'killing a journalist' following the death of Terry Lloyd by the USMC (perhaps they mistaked the 'V' and 'T' on his 4x4 for camouflaged 'orange rockets', you know that well known armament allegedly found on Iraqi AFVs!),

    So, what 'war crime' would the membership proscribe?
  2. What's so special about a journalist? Are they different from any other non combatant? Apart from the fact that they intentionally put themselves in harms way for money?
  3. I propose that a new war crime be introduced.

    Producing ginger children.

    It's just not acceptable, ok?
  4. I recommend that failure to offer sexual favours to British soldiers should constitute a war crime.

    It should certainly be considered bad form.
  5. Fancy a go on my knob then????
  6. I'd rather face a charge of Crimes against humanity old bean. I should have qualified my last quote with the proviso that the offeree must be female.

    However, buy me a few Stellas and you never know... good looking guy like you...
  7. FFS - morning coffee all over keyboard and office staff wondering why I'm having palpitations at my desk :headbang:
  8. OK, I accept that your first should of had the 'females only' proviso...

    ... this time.
  9. Oh! I now feel strangely disappointed.... big boy..
  10. Well if it's considered a war crime to stack naked detainees six high and then stick your fingers up their bottoms (or whatever Americans like to do) then it won't be long before we find ourselves in the Hague for not putting our fingers up the bottoms of those that wanted it, certainly in these litigious times.
  11. Personally, I don't think killing a journalist should be considered a crime at all. You don't get into trouble for killing other parasites
  12. Killing a journalist isn't a war crime old bean.. it's the military equivalent of fox hunting..

    Keeps down the numbers of vermin.
  13. All Fig.11 / 12 targets should be printed with actual photos of journos on them, so much practice and fun can be had ridding the world of them.

    We could also proposition the Olympics Committee to introduce by 2012 new track and field events such as throwing the a journo (military equivalent - firing a a journo) or throwing the a journo or throwing the discus.........I think most of you have got it by now - for those who haven't, why are you operating a computer without your carer present?
  14. Encouraging gullible enemies to make fools of themselves in public. Or is that a Wah Crime?

    Referring to the enemy as "gay". Homophobic and therefore automatically a War Crime. Even in peacetime.

    I'm sorry, I came across all Peter Tatchell, there.

    ('Came across', Fnarr, fnarr...)
  15. war crime??? maybe a medal is more fitting...