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Invent This and make your fortune!

Ive thought about an idea for an invention but not being in anyway an IT Guru i thought id put it on here for someone else comments and for them to invent and become millionaires.

Say you send someone an email then decide later that you dont want them to recieve it, (maybe a druken rant or youve slept on it and changed your mind)

when the recipitant are not connected to a network i assume the email sits on a mail server until they do, they then connect and they then recieve it.

When the email is still sitting on the mail server if you could then send another email to the same person which deleted the firts one and bingo they never get the original first mail. Is such a thing possible/plausable/inventable or already in existance. I think its a good idea but like i say im not an IT man. Am i just showing my ignorance. Should i get my coat ?
Tilbake’s Top Tip

As it’s unlikely to be invented before whomever you’ve sent your e-mail to reads it, it’s probably best to either:

Send another one claiming you’ve just found out your computer had been hacked into, but it’s all under control now, “so, errrr….. ignore any ‘rogue’ mails you might have received recently”, or

Start looking for a new job / wife / girlfriend / identity…….



iamaviking said:
Done before as in asked or exists ?
E mail retrieval, exists in microsoft now especially on shared systems. I often get the retrieval email but after I have already read the offending article!
They just need to be sharper!

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