Invasions World Cup

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by OSACIN, Nov 18, 2005.

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  1. Sat here idly contemplating my keyboard with the news on and Englands bid for the 2018 World Cup is suddenly headline news - ive got a better idea - how about an invasions world cup - the format would be along the lines of a group stage based on contintents - for example in the european group - England would invade France (banker away win), Belgium would invade Holland (bore draw), Germany would be allowed to invade Russia (home win etc) - in the Asian section China would have to invade mongolia etc etc (you get the picture) - the only problem i can see is the American section - South America is no problem and they are well practiced at it - North American section may be a problem so i would suggest that America has to have a civil war to get a representative into the play offs - what other suggestions do we have.
  2. OSACIN,top idea,however I would put my money on the ruskis giving the Boxheads another lesson.
  3. You've highlighted the possible problems in the North America group, but what about the Africa group? They have such a record of invading each other that you'd never get the group sorted! You could start now and you still wouldn't have a group finalist by 2018!
  4. Good point TC.

    Might go to extra time though, depending on when the Russian substitute, Gen Winter, is brought on.

    As to the US. Last time they played the Canadians it ended in a draw so all to play for in this round.
  5. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Did Canada(although still part of Britain) not invade America in the 1812 war. And am sure various of the Mexico-America wars resulted in invasions, both ways. So that's Canada, USA and Mexico in that group perhaps you could split USa along the old Mason-Dixie line to give you a group of 4.
  6. What about UK? Are we going in as one team, a la Lions on tour, or doing English/Welsh/Scots/N.Irish?

    With a Welsh dad and an English mum, I always cheer on Blighty but have a useful each way scenario going too.

    And it would be fun to see England trash the Jocks at war yet again after such a long lay-off.

  7. Hadnt thought of the African situation - possibly a tribal knock out competition.
  8. Or we just enslave them into our teams.

    At least then they'd have some organisation and understand the rules. :D
  9. Stop Pres........... San Marino have been drawn to invade Italy (the smart money is on an away win - belief is the Italians will surrender when the first shot is fired and that prime minister is preparing his surrender speech).
  10. So long as we get to invade/nuke France who cares about the rest?
  11. Are we using the zones á la the World Cup qualifiers? If so, where does Israel go?
  12. Israels a good question - to add a bit of spice probably the best group is the one with saudi arabia, iraq, iran and the lebanon - as they are quite good with airborne forces - if they get thru could draw germany which would be interesting - i suppose rules of engagement will have to be drawn up somewhere along the lines.
  13. If it is a handicap event, France has got to be right up there.
  14. I think france should invade us .We have done them far to often.And gives us a perfect excuse to blow the crap out of brighton,As well as where ever the french land . Southern ireland gets to invade the north though i suggest we field a lions team for that one :) .
    Usa can do switzaland ohh and for comic relief having to stampede cattle through the vatican as a handicap . :D
  15. Mexico vs. the Republic of Texas. Mexico won't win but it will be damned entertaining. Remember the Alamo, indeed.

    For the Nordic countries, can we add a Viking intramural qualification round? It's one thing to conduct an invasion with today's standard warfare tactics...but having to do it in furskins and wooden boats, with points for villages sacked? That's quality TV.