Yes I have. It was a damn good read, first time I've managed to read a book that thick in weeks rather than years. Great twist at the end. The best part about it though is how possible events detailed in the book could be, and the possible problems which we could face if they succeeded.

Well worth the 8 quid in my opinion.
Just finished it.

Not bad as such and some of the detail writing was pretty good .

All through the book I was waiting for the PM to say "Right which bit are we going to Nuke first".

The author wimped out completely on the question of nuclear weapons by just ignoring their existence.

Ruined the whole book for me, maybe he should have set it 30 years ahead of now and stuck a passage in about how they wished they had never got rid of Trident.
Just finished reading it myself, was a good read especially with the PM getting out of London. Yeah you would have thought that they would have had a couple of nuke boats sitting off of "Arabia" with orders to turn it into a glass car-park.

Another good read on the "Alternate" realities front are the Weapons of Choice series by John Birmingham, about a task force from the future getting stranded in 1942 just after Pearl, another can't put down series.
MSSC said:
sounds like political BNP sponsored crap...
Oh fuck off. Its a book.

I bet you vote Lib Dems as well don't you? Why is it you can't even have a legitimate debate on immigration without some cunt calling you a Racist, Fascist, or a BNP sympathiser. 9 times out of 10 they can't even define the terms that they're calling you.

Anyway, rant over, looks like I might buy it for the read, while I'm polishing my Totenkopf headdress.

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