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This book moves you through it at pace. Tight language, easily digestible scenarios which evolve into a tense plotline that can be believed.

I barrelled through this book in about two days, purely because it is so well written. Enjoyable to a fault, it takes you to where the plot plays out and you can visualise the development of each phase. Alden has done his research and brings a comprehensive methodology to build his case. This is the work of someone who understands global trends, campaign management and, above all, the intricacies that can unravel even the most carefully put together plan. Were this situation to unfold, and heaven knows no sane person would want it, the architect could do worse than read Invasion for a cogent strategy.

Worth posting on Arsse since the author is an ex signaller who's branched into new areas.

The plot is set a few decades in the future. The state of Arabia now stretches from Morocco as far east as Afghanistan. The unity that they have craved has been achieved and they all serve the Great Cleric, the Saladdin or Nasser of the 21st century. Strict rule is enforced within the region but cordial relations are maintained with the other countries, all still reliant on oil. Suddenly this all descends into chaos as Europe is invaded with a highly coordinated attack. Swift, targeted and effective, Britain soon falls with scant hope. But within this there are stories of the Prime Minister as he evades capture, characters who are caught up and manage to escape the yoke of servitude and tales of those less fortunate.

Alden writes well and tells it without xenophobic rancour or ideological bent. Reaching back into what is, for us, the present day, he builds the history before the invasion. The Arab spring is mentioned as the start of the unification, the credit crunch referenced as the cause of our long lasting economic woes. There are indicators that could provide the opportunity, as long as the Chinese aren't too powerful too soon, the Russians find their gas supplies are finite and the Americans revert to their isolationist policies.

The downside for me on this book was that Alden's other book, Horse at the Gates, is based on a war with Islamic fundamentalists. I look forward to his next book so I can enjoy his style, telling a different scenario.

Overall, though, this is a great read and one to enjoy. Of course I wouldn't want to end on a negative point but you better carry another book with you as you will finish this very quickly, as it's written very well and you don't want to put it down.
Thanks for this brilliant review Udiper, of what is a quite superb and incredibly timely book, given the times we're living in. I'm over the moon that a bigger publisher has finally woken up, smelt the coffee, grown a pair of balls and taken a chance on publishing this seminal work. It's an utterly shameful indictment that one of the really big outfits didn't have the courage to get this book 'out there', because they're afraid of a few lunatics firebombing their multi-million pound offices in the name of 'peace'. I very, very much doubt that any of the big studios will have the guts to turn this into the film that it should be - again, because they're petrified of the usual suspects doing to their Hollywood palaces and glittering studios what Alden depicts being done to our country here. Anyway, a brilliant review and thanks for posting it -here's the one I wrote a few years ago for the original paperback, also lurking around on arrse somewhere:


Well where to begin? I'm stunned - really I am - because this book is that good. The book proposes, in utterly believable and impeccably researched terms, a fictional Islamic takeover of British society in the near future. Alden makes us believe that this could actually happen by expertly weaving historical facts, fictional but probable scenarios and utterly believable characters, both real and imaginary.

Here's a brief summary of how it all comes about:

In the aftermath of a disastrous Iraq War and increasing turmoil in the Middle East, a charismatic and preternaturally gifted Ayatollah seizes power in Iran. He's a superbly accomplished statesman with the ability to unite and heal the simmering conflicts that have divided Muslim against Muslim for centuries. He's also an incredibly gifted military strategist with the tactical mind of a Napoleon; able to see the world as a giant chess board to be conquered and controlled. Firstly he annexes Iraq, secondly Syria, and before long a new Arabian `Super-state' is spreading alarmingly. He manages to oust the Saudi Royal Family and seizes the oil fields from under a cowed and spiritually defeated America's nose.

But these are only the beginning of his plans...

Over the two decades that it takes for him to build his Arabian Empire he has also astonishingly virtually wiped out terrorism and `modernised' western Islam for the mutual benefit of all. Or so he would wish us to believe. In reality he has spent twenty years scouring the deserts of Afghanistan, Pakistan and other war-torn nations, for broken and embittered victims of western `collateral damage', to go to the UK and become deep-cover `sleeper agents'. He has also inserted in to key government positions apparent `pillars of the community' who patiently await his longed for call: the police, IT industries, Nuclear facilities, secret service - everything has been expertly penetrated.

When the call goes out Britain and the world awakes to mounting chaos, and a war being waged with stolen American technology by utterly ruthless and ingenuous Pakistani and Iraqi Generals - all hand picked and groomed by the mighty Grand Sheik himself, the `new Saladin'.

What's most memorable about this book is the bold and sympathetic characters from all sides of the great War; whether it's General Mousi, the fearsome Iraqi Paratrooper tasked with seizing London and the PM, or the British Brigadier who engages on a cat-and mouse style chase with him through the British countryside, desperately trying to get a most un-Blair like and heroic PM to the safety of the Scottish mountains and the growing resistance movement.

I've taken a decision to champion this book because I believe it's one of the most significant title's of our times and one that's been unfairly overlooked by the mainstream press and reviewers - probably because its content frightens them. I'm utterly astonished that it's not been picked up by a major publisher when it clearly warrants and deserves the support of a giant like Pan or Corgi. Again, call me a cynic, but I can only put this down to cowardice from the publisher's themselves; this is a superb text that could have been written by a Frederick Forsythe or Robert Ludlum. My only criticism is that Alden makes a few minor technical errors on tactics and equipment - but what the hell, we all do - even the so-called experts, so again it's a minor sin in an otherwise mammoth and heroic work.

For my part, I truly believe that the dreadful scenario he portrays could one day come to pass, if we don't all stand together and face-down the growing menace of an intolerant, cult-like, and increasingly angry radical extremism that is based on a doctrine of hate, loathing, voluntary segregation and medieval behaviours. I can one day foresee a `rainbow coalition' of Hindus, Sikhs, Jews, Christians, Atheists, Buddhists and all other races, creeds and beliefs, standing shoulder-to-shoulder to defeat the spread of this virulent and aggressively extremist religion throughout the world.

Please read and support this wonderful and superbly written book. I can guarantee that you'll absolutely love it. If any studio had the courage to make a film of this, my God what a story it would be!

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