INVASION, by D C Alden. (A fantastic book!)


I’ve just read one of the most enjoyable and compelling fictional books of recent years, Invasion, by D C Alden. Well where to begin? I’m stunned – really I am – because this book is that good. The book proposes, in utterly believable and impeccably researched terms, a fictional Islamic takeover of British society in the near future. Alden makes us believe that this could actually happen by expertly weaving historical facts, fictional but probable scenarios and utterly believable characters, both real and imaginary.

From the Amazon blurb:

May 2181: Britain is no more, reduced to a mere satellite state at the far western reaches of the Arabian Empire, a vast domain that stretches from the dark borders of Scotland to the Chinese frontier where war still rages. London is a walled city again, its war-damaged buildings demolished and replaced with bronze statues, marbled mosques and landscaped memorial gardens, all commemorating the end of western civilisation. The city is a hub of Islamic power, a power that enslaves the British people to a life of servitude and confines them to crumbling suburbs outside the city. No-one could have predicted the events that led to the end of this once-great nation. It came out of the blue, on a clear summer's day, over one hundred and sixty years ago ...June 2019: The minutes tick away toward six pm. As commuters stream out of central London a truck idles by the pavement in Whitehall, its cargo bay packed with powerful explosives. A British Airways Airbus, on final approach into Heathrow, is tracked by surface-to-air missiles. In Downing Street, recently-elected Prime Minister Harry Beecham is preparing notes for a diplomatic engagement when he is summoned to an urgent meeting. He's informed by worried security officials that a large number of surveillance targets have suddenly disappeared off the grid. Something was happening, but what? Even as the meeting takes place, thousands of Islamic fighters are quietly taking up positions near military barracks, police stations, government buildings, airports, train stations and hundreds of other targets. They have already received the 'go' signal - now they wait only for the seconds to countdown and the hour to arrive. Then the chaos will surely begin. The face of Europe is about to change, moulded by a series of events that will have global repercussions far into the future...

Here’s a brief summary of how it all comes about:

In the aftermath of a disastrous Iraq War and increasing turmoil in the Middle East, a charismatic and preternaturally gifted Ayatollah seizes power in Iran. He’s a superbly accomplished statesman with the ability to unite and heal the simmering conflicts that have divided Muslim against Muslim for centuries. He’s also an incredibly gifted military strategist with the tactical mind of a Napoleon; able to see the world as a giant chess board to be conquered and controlled. Firstly he annexes Iraq, secondly Syria, and before long a new Arabian ‘Super-state’ is spreading alarmingly. He manages to oust the Saudi Royal Family and seizes the oil fields from under a cowed and spiritually defeated America’s nose.

But these are only the beginning of his plans…

Over the two decades that it takes for him to build his Arabian Empire he has also astonishingly virtually wiped out terrorism and ‘modernised’ western Islam for the mutual benefit of all. Or so he would wish us to believe. In reality he has spent twenty years scouring the deserts of Afghanistan, Pakistan and other war-torn nations, for broken and embittered victims of western ‘collateral damage’, to go to the UK and become deep-cover ‘sleeper agents’. He has also inserted in to key government positions apparent ‘pillars of the community’ who patiently await his longed for call: the police, IT industries, Nuclear facilities, secret service – everything has been expertly penetrated.

When the call goes out Britain and the world awakes to mounting chaos, and a war being waged with stolen American technology by utterly ruthless and ingenuous Pakistani and Iraqi Generals – all hand picked and groomed by the mighty Grand Sheik himself, the ‘new Saladin’.

What’s most memorable about this book is the bold and sympathetic characters from all sides of the great War; whether it’s General Mousi, the fearsome Iraqi Paratrooper tasked with seizing London and the PM, or the British Brigadier who engages on a cat-and mouse style chase with him through the British countryside, desperately trying to get a most un-Blair like and heroic PM to the safety of the Scottish mountains and the growing resistance movement.

I’ve taken a decision to champion this book because I believe it’s one of the most significant titles of our times and one that’s been unfairly overlooked by the mainstream press and reviewers – probably because its content frightens them. What utterly astonished me is that it’s been self-published by D C Alden himself, when clearly it warrants and deserves a major publisher behind it, like Pan or Random House. Again, call me a cynic, but I can only put this down to cowardice from the publisher’s themselves; this is a superb text that could have almost been written by a Frederick Forsythe or Robert Ludlum.

My only criticism is that at 600 pages It’s simply a 100 pages too long and would have benefited from a good, sharp and tough editor. But as D C Alden’s completed this mammoth and heroic work all by himself, I think that it’s an omission we can overlook. Also, due to his non-military background he makes a few minor technical errors on tactics and equipment – but what the hell, we all do – even the so-called experts, so again it’s a minor sin.

Please read and support this wonderful and superbly written book. I can guarantee that you’ll absolutely love it. If any studio had the courage to make a film of this, my God what a story it would be!


• Paperback: 660 pages
• Publisher: Matador (7 Dec 2006)
• Language English
• ISBN-10: 1905237979
• ISBN-13: 978-1905237975

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