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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by PCLG, Jan 6, 2010.

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  1. Should people who drive in these conditions against government advice have their insurance invalidated if their journey was not essential???

    It winds me up that people needlessly drive in these conditions costing the tax payers a fortune when the authorities have to look after them and our insurance premiums go up when they claim as a result of their own stupidity.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Some policies do.
  3. Do you mean trivial journeys like going to work and such?
  4. When the work is non-essential then yes.

    But mainly I mean the idiots who attempt to drive half a mile to the local Co-Op and then drive home again as an example.
  5. No they should not.
    If people are incapable of driving in the prevailing conditions tough shite. Plod and the Highways Agency certainly aren't capable of deciding when I can or can't drive due to snow.
    A few inches of snow does not constitute a hazards that warrants the government deciding if its safe for me to go to work or not.
    I'll decide and if I get it wrong its nobodies fault but my own.
  6. And how would that work then...........................
    this government gives such risk averse advice that if this was adopted the country would rapidly come to a total stanstill, no workers would get to power stations so the lights would go out, police and fire fighters would not get on duty so the country would rapidly descend into anarchy, oh and no doctors and nurses would get to work so there would be no medical care for the injured and dying....................................and on and yadda yadda...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    wake me when you have thought this one out.
  7. Personally I would prefer we simply execute that idiots who cannot drive according to the conditions.
    That way the rest of could simply go about our business without muppets littering the road.
  8. It would help if people were taught to drive properley in the first instance, I would make it compulsory to have winter tyres and snow chains, had to explain to a women this morning that headlights on would be useful, and using higher gears, would help her out considerably. :roll:
  9. Winter tyres and snow chains? This is the UK not Norway, by the time you got them on it would be time to take them off.
  10. Recently discovered that use of winter tyres between October and March is not strictly a legal requirement in Switzerland.

    However, if you are involved in any mishap in snow/icy conditions, and you do not have winter tyres fitted, both the police and insurance companies will consider your vehicle as not fit for the driving conditions and act accordingly - i.e. your fault!

    I am very surprised that UK insurance companies have not spotted this legal get-out clause already.
  11. I agree snow chains are a bit ott, but winter tyres would be a definite benefit due to their better performance at lower temperatures and deeper tread pattern.
  12. Winter tyres (not studded) are put on at the beginning of the cold season, and swapped for summer tyres in about April. In many parts of the Alps, today's winter tyres are considered equivalent to chains and are more than adequate for dealing with snow, ice and wet roads.
  13. Drove this morning from West Sussex home to Somerset this morning. No problems except lack of lane discipline on the motorways and the fact the A27 in Worthing needed gritting.
  14. I'd argue that improving the standard of driving would be by far the most effective course of action, UK tyres are more than capable of handling 99% of British weather, forcing people to change tyres for the two days a year when it may be necessary is just stupid, not least because they would never wear out, people would be driving around on twenty year old rubber.

    How this could be achieved however is anyones guess.
  15. Our roads are in a shitty enough state as it is, can you imagine what they would look like after snow chains!