Invading Sweden!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Hairyarse, Oct 3, 2005.

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  1. When i was at 19 Inf Bde, Colchester in the early 80's we would deploy to germany three to four times a year for such exercises as "Flying Falcon" & "Summer Sales". The Squadron would deploy in three stages. An advance party would fly out from one of the Oxfordshie air bases and the main party would set Sail from Harwich to the Hook Of Holland. However, before either of these parties set off on their journeys, a smaller party would depart Colchester. It consisted of The squadron OC, his driver, the YofS and a technitian. they had two landrovers one obviously being the OC's, the other being the "Crypto" landrover, which unsurprisingl carried the whole squadrons "crypto".
    Now when you enter Harwich docks you can turn one way for Holland and another way to Gothenberg! Yes, you've guessed it. The OC managaed to get off the boat at the very last minute. The others set sail to lovely Sweden! Where we heard there was a rather large reception commitee awaiting their arrival! If you are going to screw up it may as well be a good one!
  2. hehehehehe

    I shouldn't encourage you - but this is a Corps legend. I knew the fella involved as well - wonder if he's got over his fear of latex!
  3. He later turned up as 2IC 7 sigs just as i was leaving.
  4. That sounds as bad as the QA officer who, on posting to to BMH Berlin (during the cold war), travelled by car, omitting to check in at Check point Alpha and Bravo. She decided to take the scenic and shorter route which avoided going down the "corridor"....caused a major scandal when she finally arrived in Berlin. The inteligence types were very keen to speak to her.
  5. I'm positive we're thinking about the same incident (surely it can't have happened more than once?).

    So we should make it abundantly clear that it was not the YofS who ended up in Sweden.
  6. Well I managed to invade Holland with a convoy of 10 vehicles a couple of years ago :oops:

    Coming out of location and turned right onto the autobahn instead of left.

    No exits from the autobahn until the roundabout in Holland.. Luckily enough there where no border guards around so we just went round the roundabout and back into Germany with no one the wiser. Cost me a couple of crates that one did..
  7. Steven - this would not have been FUSION 02 would it?
    If not, you are in good company as I know a group of illustrious chaps who did exactly the same. They also left a can of pop next to the heater hose in the front of LR – imagine their joy as can of pop exploded in the vehicle whilst chugging their way from Elmpt to Sennelager.
  8. No! The OC made it off the ferry the YOS was left on board!
  9. Good to see the old traditons are not being lost then. :D

    Wasn't on Fusion 02. My contribution to EU togetherness was done in the last century :)
  10. I thought it was the 2IC - may have to do a bit of delving.
  11. Think I did a Rhine crossing with a Crypto/weapon convoy on Falcon 02. Numpty Siggie couldn't read map so I was having to do that, drive and lead the packet.

    Took a right coming out Munchengladbach, so ended up in Dusseldorf not Elmpt.
  12. No, it was definatley the YOS. can't remember his name. I know the OC's, shared a room with his driver but his name escapes me at the moment, Bit of a lad, well known to the RSM from a previous posting.
  13. During my time, I am sad to say that due to various cock ups, I have invaded, Holland, Belguim and France! The last one was a bit dodgy as it involved a ferry crossing that arrived in Calais!
  14. Bet the Poles have ben really nervous over the years!
  15. Polar - It could be worse - the nightlife is signifcantly better in Dus than Elmpt.