Invading Iraq Would Create Quagmire

So , who got to him in the interim?


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If he thinks invading Iran is a bad idea, we're all fooked.
goodkurtz said:
Erh Blogg, do you mind?
I, my very self, goodkurtz, posted that vid of Cheney speaking those wise words only two days ago on the Bagdad thread.
Though I will agree that the vid deserved its own thread, I'd still be grateful if in future you found your own party tricks rather than nicking mine.

I remain sir,
Goodkurtz :D
Sadly I missed that posting. So a thousand apologies and may your tribe increase.

(However, for the avoidance of doubt, that does not mean I find nicking party tricks beneath me. And the subject of that vid is still a cnut)

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