what do you guys think about invading france to put them in their place ? and impose british system of government on the frogs .

invading spain to relieve border pressures on gibraltar and adding large amount of territory  to gibraltar say about 500 square miles?  ;D
Just dont let the RM lead the way, after all if they cant find Gibralter (recall the young officer who led an assault on a spanish beach last summer) how the hell are they going to find France, they would probably go 180 degrees and end upo back at the White Cliffs! :p


 <Just dont let the RM lead the way, after all if they cant find Gibralter (recall the young officer who led an assault on a spanish beach last summer) >

ahhh maybe that was a not so subtle hint to the spics of whats to come  ;)


Regime change is all well and good, but haven't we heard the clarion call to start closer to home? ;D
The Dordogne is thoroughly nice in the Summer so green light France. Not to sure about Spain though, paella gives me the squirts.


i think spain and france is very beutiful country , shame about the people who live in it  ::) boot em out i say


Isn't there some sort of ancient war still going on between England and Spain - or is it England and France? No, seriously, people, I mean it! Or is that another urban myth...?


As for how to find France - leave Dover, bump into Tricolore lying in channel, steer around it..... end up in France....
I think you are refering to the fact that Berwick upon Tweed's name was not on the peace treaty at the end of the Crimean War....but was on the declaration of war, leaving them in conflict with Russia - technically.

Or maybe you are refering to the de-facto state of hostilities between the the UK and France and Spain.
This exists due to the fact that France and Spain are inhabited by garlic munching, stick on latin lover hairy chest wig wearing wops and we Anglo- Saxons don't like that latino cr@p- I am with Vespa boot 'em all out and give the blonde haired, blue eyed race some 'living room' - whoops does that sound a little fascist   ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D  


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we could always start alot closer to home with our nearest european neighbour ;D


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Good idea!  Inveade scotland now, and show the sweatie's who is boss ;D

nfortunately, given that most of the govt is jock, I think they are the bosses already ???


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Bugger - at last someone has noticed the cunning Scottish plan to take over the world!!!!  ;D

Ach well, back to the drawing board :D
the irish have already done it - their command hq's are cunningly disguised as bars!  ;D
I SAY BOMB THE F*****S!! Well that will teach them any way!!

Why mess with us Brits!!
We Could resolve this if the yanks did not interfere!!
Don't u think?? :D ;)

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