Invade Zimbawbe Now! Who wants to go?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by flamingo, Nov 18, 2007.

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    Be careful, they are waiting for us...

  2. I would love to fight those cunts to be honest.
  3. I have soldiered in Zimbabwe on a previous occasion. If there was any opportunity to slot Mugabe and Co - I would be the first to re-join.
  4. I think I will go with the advice of Lord Guthrie. He is way more informed than me on such matters and quite a clever bloke. Plus I am on lates all next week and have a note from my nan excusing me from invasions till my jippy tummy gets better
  5. And me, a war that would definitely be worth fighting.
  6. Oh okay then I will go but I have to wear trainers. :roll:
  7. Every time we've got a war you're always the same - moan, moan, moan! :D
  8. If we go, I'll pass up becoming a Vehicle Mechanic, and join the RAC instead :D .

    Oops I realised what I just wrote.
    I mean in a completely military context :p .
  9. Count me in an all.

    Is rape and pillage by invading troops still legal in Africa?
  10. Raping black women who never shower is not my idea of fun. What the fuck is there to pilliage in africa?
  11. there's one thing i know about them africans, the southern ones, they not ask keen as skinnys in somalia to die.... in fact they are petrified of the thought of even being slotted....

    if its on, i'll be right there with you lads signing back on, fighting for a spot amongst the spearhead...
  12. Ooh, yes please. But I want an SLR and not one of them there "Mickey-Mouse guns". And a half-dozen of them ally-looking LMG mags too. Then I'm set.

  13. When I was on Op Agila in Zimb some genius thought that films would keep the Patriotic Front occupied. So big screens and projectors were despatched into the bundu. We all sat down to watch. 800 terrorists armed to the teeth and about 30 members of the monitoring force. What was the film? You guessed it. Feckin Zulu................LOL
  14. Was you in the Rhodesian Light Infantry?
  15. i know that the vast majority of my family and many friends where in the area round about that time..... was a busy period that... commies, cubans and all knocking on the door etc etc