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I've recently been posted to our training wing, and wondered whether anyone can help! Do you guys in other units have a gucci powerpoint presentation that explains the whole TAFS saga, including RFA 96 and employer notification?

I've witnessed now on a couple of occasions where potential recruits turn up, they are subjected to an "off the cuff" intro to the TA but aren't given a structured brief. Obviously, unit specifics aside, there is a lot of common ground that we must all be covering, or at least should be.

If anyone can help, or if anyone has any advice I'd be glad to hear it!


No, sorry mate. I've never seen a comprehensive brief.

But - I do recall seeing an employer notification brief which came out 18? months ago. It came in a VHS pack and IIRC included speaker notes and guidance for commanders. If you haven't seen it I could try to dig it out of the trg store to get the details?
Thanks for the replies.

Bits: I know they have got the "Its time to tell video", so I'm sorted for that one.

What I'm after is a general "this is the TA" type brief which details the TAFS process, but touches on RFA 96 and mobilisation.

I just wondered if anyone out there has something.

Not me but if you contact the recruiting wing at CVHQ REME, Louisburg Barracks, Bordon GU35 0NE the WO in charge does and he might help you out.
We made our own unit one up. Quite good actually but focuses on what we do, not TAFS/CMS.

They recruits get a verbal brief from the training team once they've signed on the dotted line
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