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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Cryptic, Jan 31, 2006.

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  1. Hello to all the AMS and AMS wannabe's (as if), retired CMT here, I won't preach or whine, however I'll flame the have been warned..... :twisted:

    Only here to read whats going on and see who i can suss out.......Ventris you ain't hard to figure out 8) like your input, and only after I read 3 threads............

    Fact not Fiction folks............

    Penguin and not a Lemming............

    Figure those out and you got me pegged :?:
  2. wow, quaking in my boots!! :wink:

    welcome to ARRSE, remember though it is a rumour service so fact isnt actually required here.

  3. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Proper scared!
  4. Personally I prefer a good looking sheep to either lemmings or penguins.

    .......................................& thats a fact!
  5. Cryptic are you a professional tosser now or just part-time when on the WWW under your web guise?
  6. Will you also...

    blow the slow
    rim the dim
    tweak the weak
    stroke the blokes
    lick the thick

    Just so we are clear...
  7. What a clown
  8. Great!! icebreakers are such fun, nice to see folks still have a great sense of humour in amongst all the drudge :)

    hehe Lost Boss they all sound fun, but no, I ain't :)

    Hmmm Tomb I suppose it don't make you an evil person, as long as you thank the sheep :)

    hehe Big Kahoona just part time but who isn't???

    FIMed you remind me of those boring buggers at mess functions that sit in corners with no mates because its so wrong to get pissed and have fun, go on be daring, get an avatar and grow character :) Proud to be a Clown!!!
  9. Well, you certainly seem to display the credentials required of a clown except the ability to make people laugh bit
  10. There's bigger and funnier blokes on campus than you old son.
  11. alot to go on there!! do we care? probably not, its an annonymous site.
  12. How on earth do i remind you of anything you dont know me you arrse.

    You i am quite sure would know the type to sit in the corners at a mess do.

    Thanks for the tip on growing character i am sure that having an avatar will improve it no end!
  13. oh look, yet another shite thread on the AMS board...starting to get pretty standard now with smithy and his homophobic anti establishment drivel, now we've got another clown in..........

  14. Gets my vote, now can we have this moved into the arrse hole, it'll save time later.

  15. Oh my god... I've got visions of some "wacky" bloke with ginger curly hair and red glasses wearing a Hawaiian shirt...Tosser