Introductionary Arrse offer 1157 Tactical 10% off everything

Introductionary Arrse offer

1157 Tactical specialises in producing bespoke hand-made load carrying equipment.

10% Discount on all goods featured on our website using the code: arrse

As well 1157 Tactical products we also offer Cambelbak, Sub Zero, Vanguard and quality issued British and U.S. surplus

1157 tactical
More money off and don't forget to use your Arrse code too!!!!

1157 Tactical Modified Ultimate Load Carrier - nearly £35 pounds off

Arctic Issue Baselayer tops now only £3

U.S. Issue "Para" bags £18

1157 tactical
Interested in the modified bergan, but surely it'll cost me more than the £8 discount to post mine to you?
Always happy to part with my ill gotten gains / hard earned dosh, can I just be critical for one second and say that the product pictures are a bit small on the product pages ?
Just an update....

Motherlodes in Multicam dirt cheap and Yanks modular sleep systems at giveaway prices!!!!

Also other bargains including all U.S. Kevlar helmets... your chance to look like an extra from Black Hawk down :)

All this and the Arrse offer and no VAT must end in Jan
nice site, just needs more stuff like, shirts (you can do printed t-shirts), warm kit (like norgies, gloves etc, not just thermals), name tags, cooking stuff...and just generally more choice.

Could do with a FAQs and Delivery info tab...and the ARRSE feed doesn't work.
Cheers for the feedback... yep noticed the Arrse feed had stopped yesterday :(

We do some warm kit and small items but tbh as we are new we have to be careful of how much we stock... We specialise in Load Carrying and packs and have been busy sorting the lads on ops so that's where we are pushing at the moment... We do aim to build the shop eventually though...



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