Discussion in 'RAC' started by Flynn101, Oct 12, 2005.

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  1. Hello there! Just introducing myself, ive come from as that place is either a ghost-town and when its not, its just full of wannabe/serving/served Royal Marine's (not saying theres anything bad about the Marines) and Im hopefully im going to the Household Cavalry next Summer as a soldier (when i finish AS levels (im currently studying Geography, Geology, American History and Politics and once in the Army ill hopefully study a part-time degree in Intelligence)) and am going on 'A look at life' on the 7th November with the Household Division, just wondering has anyone been on this 3 day course at ATR Pirbright? And whats it like? Thanks for any replys
  2. Welcome Flynn101
    Went to longmoor and done the "look at life" course its a good insight just ask as many questions as you can.
  3. What's the 'part-time degree in Intelligence' course you hope to do?
  4. Well it won't be with the Int Corps - no intelligence there :lol:
  5. Offered by the American Military University that admisses International Soldier/Students although most of the topics highlighted above are to-do with the USA you can change it to Foreign Intelligence agencies for example MI5/6. Just to clarify i dont want to go to MI5/6 or to the Int. Corps i just think its a really good and interesting degree if i want a career in the army and it would give me an 'edge'. But to be honest i shouldnt really think this far ahead 8O :p
  6. "an 'edge' " in the "Household Division" involves Bulling boots and knowing where the Golden Horseshoe is to be found.
  7. Golden Horseshoe.....That's the place run by 'Miss Kitty' isn't it?
  8. A short course then?

    Sorry it's late and I'm in a trolling mood.

    Welcome, Flynn, go down to the Naffi and introduce yourself mate.
  9. Jawhol, Mizz Kittys Cat House.
    I wuz far too young to make the connection as a kid when I used to watch 'Gunlaw' "Gunsmok in USA" with Marshal Matt Dillon (James Arness and Miss Kitty ?)
  10. Am moving this to the RAC forum as it's more relevant there.
  11. i take it your a officer entry then. always baffles me why would a AS levels in knowing whee different countries are, how rocks are made, septic history(must be a 500 word essay that one) and politics will help any one hoping to join the HCR. and how can u have part time intelligence? i forget my self, u cna have that, its called cav officers.
  12. Errr sorry mate as it says on my post im going in as a soldier to ATR Pirbright and hopefully getting a commision quite a long time after ive enlisted (once ive finished higher education). And about my AS level qualifications, sorry but they did not have a 'Tank Crewman' and I think A-Level and Geography and Geology would be very useful when navigating in the 'field' and considering one of the Household Cavalrys most important dates is the State Opening of Parliament which youd think would have some ties to AS Politics. :roll: As for American History... well i agree that qualification is useless! :lol: :lol:
  13. so your banking your army career on As levels, and georaphy and geolgy help u navigate, and the opening of parli,ment is all u could come up with to justify your politics level. hope u dont join my lot, u sound like a right norman know all, useful on pub quizes, feck all use at anything else. insults me just to think u are joining the cav, hope the Guards div waste you at pirbright and you decide not to join and go on the dole, so u cna bore people down the job centre, like u have done on here u boring cnut.

    dot usually get like this, but pompus arrogant twats do it to me.
  14. Whats up with this guy?
  15. Probably a little intimidated by your ambition and education level - get used to it ;)