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G'day mates,

I wasn't quite sure where to place this new thread.

So if the moderators should decide to move it somewhere else, ok by me.

My name is Mike.

I'm a bloody Fritz, Hun, Jerry or Kraut, now 62, and have had an unusual
"love affair" with HMF & the British Army, since I was a boy of 13!

It was initiated by watching the film "Lawrence of Arabia".

Well, I had just started learning English.
The only books on the subject available in German (1963/64) were a German-English/English-German
military dictionary, FM Montgomery's Memoirs, a German account of the Desert War, Roskill's "War at
Sea" and Lawrence's "Seven Pillars of Wisdom".

So I went to the local British barracks (Krefeld) and quizzed a German secretary about the ranks.

Next they staged a British Week at Duesseldorf, incl. a (my first) British Military Tattoo (spring of 1964).
FM Alexander took the salute.
I remember walking up to the resting bandsmen, copying the regimental titles and battle honours
emblazoned on the drums.

My first visit to London and Foyle's that year changed all that, of course, and I added the first books on the subject
to my private library.

I also spent a most memorable holiday with an English service family (RAF, ex-RN) in the Scottish Highlands.
The head of the family was commanding a RAF Marine Craft Unit at Invergordon.

Before my last visit to Britain in 1973 I also got to watch one performance of the Royal Tournament
and the Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

I even applied to join the British Army twice (NUTS!), but to no avail.
So I spent the rest of my life accumulating a collection of books, dvds and cds dealing with the subject.
Now that I have retired I hope to read all of them - at last.

My special interests are: Regimental history and traditions, in particular: Royal Marines, Guards, Grenadier Guards,
Rifles, Paras, Indian Army.

I started my journey through the World Wide Web about 7 years ago, and have joined countless forums on the

This should be my last port of call.

I hope to be accepted, even though being a miserable outsider.

"Mike the Fritz"
ein bier bitte, pomme frittes mit sweibel und mayo...........thats 12 years of my fluid German speaking. Guten Tag
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