Im a photographer and Im looking to put together a project about the people that serve and support the Forces. With my younger brother Ben embarking on a career in the Forces, he is just finishing Catterick (passing out August 19th) and will be joining the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment, I would like to work with people that serve or have served in the Forces and their families.

I have made work about soldiers and conflict, in consultation with serving and ex-servicemen, throughout University, which has shaped and created interesting and insightful collaborations. Much of this work was around the representation of the Forces in the media. This can be viewed at ( RyanGoodman created by ryangoodma2 based on Photography Studio)

The photographs will be portraits (both still and video) that capture the people that are involved with the Forces. I want to show the wide and dedicated community that supports the Forces and also reflects the lives of veterans and ex-servicemen. It would be an exciting opportunity for both myself and those involved to make an objective project without an agenda dictated by outside influences.

The final outcome of this work would be to make a book of portraits that can accompany an exhibition. Please let me know your thoughts and feedback, I would be happy to discuss the idea further.

Many Thanks
Ryan Goodman


Are you related to D Goodman of Basingstoke?

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