Introduction (Ripon Barracks Bielefled)

Hi all I came across this site while researching some old photographs that I have in my collection. Regrettably I never went down the route of joining one of the services and I can honestly say this is one of my biggest regrets :( . I would just like to say you all have my up most admiration and gratitude for the great job you are all doing abroad and at home, Thanks.

Back to my post, I was not sure where to start my indroduction post but seeing my interest is in history I thought this would be a better place than any, to save me going on I have put a link to my website this site is dedicated to my Grandfathers and the people and regiments that served alongside them. During my research into creating this site I have found it necessary to obtain photos for the research into the places that my grandfathers served. Unfortunately during the time alot of these photos were original taken it would not have the first thing that came to mind to make a note of where they were taken, so I am hoping this is where some of you guys might be able to help. So that is it in a nutshell.

Not sure if I can contribute to any other of your sections (threads) but I see you have a sports/shooting section. Had 14 spaniels (English/Welsh/Cocker) at one time and took part in field trials up and down the country, owned variuos guns at one time and another, I now have a lurcher that catches the odd rabbit now and again, so if I can help with any training issues with dogs (4 legged) I'd be more than happy to thats me.

ps... I have some photos which I think are in and around Bielefeld Germany if any of you have been stationed in and around the area I would be realy grateful if you could have a look for me.

thanks for your time and kind regards

Picture is of me, one of my sons and the lurcher enjoying the beach


Hi mate,
Not sure if you are aware of this site I'd ask there and get in touch with the site owner he'd be interested in the pics and someone there might be able to ID them
Cheers mate took a look at that site very informative I think the pictures I have are of Ripon Barracks Bielefled they were taken around 45/46 so things may well have changed by now, thanks again for the pointer much appreciated :D
Fantastic. I spent 4 wonderful years there (88-92). For a large HQ slipper city it was not. We spent most of the year on excersise with the scalies (I was 14 Sqn RCT)! The work hard play hard ethic was predominat throughout though, and I'm glad I left 5 months before they bacame the ARRC (I had to go to Belize, so no complaints there then)!
In particular pic 11 was the old B Troop 14 Sqn RCT yard where I spent my time. The picture is looking east towards the stables. The entance shown on that picture was closed off and the yard secured due to the nature of the vehicles contained within. The new entance was down at the stables end. the picture would have been taken from block 8 (one of the 2 HQ buildings 8+9) which was accomodation back then,
Actually I'm wrong. The picture is A Troop lines (staff cars) and is looking down towards what was to become the SSVC and YMCA complex.
Quality site kieronhill. My grandfather was in North Africa in the RASC but as he died before I gained an interest I will need to research his history.
Nice one, certainly is Bielefeld, my first posting, 1970 to about '73. the pool was actually a fire water storage tank. the barracks you can see on the left housed the MSO guys in those days, and opposite that was where we lived, with a bar upstaires. happy days, many thanks for the pictures

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