Introduction of the use of ARRSE word saving codes

I would like to bring to the attention of all personnel that some individuals have been using ABUSIVE language in this Forum and in the outside world.

The following CODES have been developed  to permit freedom of expression, originality and understanding between users and at the same time provide an inoffensive way to communicate without overtaxing the word filter or sensitive ears.

From the time of reading this memo all ARRSE users are directed to use the following codes.  Failure to do so will result in a 504 to those responsible for any breach of this directive.


500      Arrse
501      Stick it up your arrse
502      You're an arrsehole
503      Kiss my arrse
504      You play ball with us or we'll stick the bat up your arrse
505      You're nothing but an arrse licker


600      sh1t
601      I don't give a sh1t
602      This place gives me the sh1ts
603      You give me the sh1ts
604      Sh1t a brick
605      This person sh1ts up the wall
606      Eat sh1t
607      Beats the Sh1t out of me


700      Fcuk
701      Fcuked
702      Fcuking
703      Fcuk it
704      Fcuk you
705      Fcuk everyone
706      Fcuk everything
707      Fcuk a duck
708      I don't give a fcuk
709      Get fcuked
710      Well fcuk me
711      Get off my fcuking back
712      Far fcuking out
713      I hate this fcuking job
714      Fcuk the phone
715      Great, just fcuking great
716      It's all fcuked up
717      I didn't design the fcuking thing
718      Don't get fcuking smart
719      Who called this fcuking meeting anyway
720      Nothing fcuking works around here
721      No one fcuking works around here
722      How the fcuk should I know.
723      SNAFU
724      Fcuked if I know
725      What a fcuking mess
726      Fcuk off


801      You kunt
802      You bitch
803      You b@stard
804      You dopey prick
805      Piss off
806      W@nker
807      Bollock brain
808      Bollocks
809      Knob head
810      Tw@t features.

Any additional material welcome.
999 = useless backsliding freeloading c#unt faced jobby licking, cot death fu#kwits, or firemen ;D
lay down then ;D

Best not continue on hear or we'll be banished to the NAAFI bar....................................................again ;D
Why can't I just say,  f u c k,   p i ss,  w a n k,  s h i t, pussy  and  c u n t ?  Or is that a loads of hairy  b o l l o c k s?
....and welcome to the NAAFI bar....... ;D
Its B E L L. M D N .Q U I C K  ;D
Stop using it then ;D

If you want it you only have to ask, well and pay a little bit ;D
Only if Ive had a few ;D

You're in luck I have so jump on, sniper was first but I won't be long Ive heard she could suck the chrome off a bumper



well let me see now................

let me just sink a few more beers, then just wait for you to look handsome MDN..............

no sorry...............

hang on, where's me beer goggles?

aahh that's better....come on then MDN
Don't be trying to fool me with yer beer goggles, we all know youve got a glass eye. ;D

How do you want it 8)
Can do hard and fast

Will do it twice to make up for the big ;D
This idea is 702 600 and will never catch on. 607 how anyone could come up with such 808 ;D
a 726 is as good as a maybe in my eyes ;D
503 my pleasure providing I can knock em in after ;D

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