Introduction of Clansman, phasing out of Larkspur

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by EX_STAB, Jul 26, 2011.

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  1. When did this happen in Regs and TA?
  2. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    Ask smudge or Arters ther"e old cnuts, seems like 100years ago. I think we got it in dribbs and drabs 79.
  3. If memory serves, it was the late 70's, early 80's when they started rolling out Clansman. I remember my shiny new VRC 321 and associated ancilleries being delivered to me on Exercise at 25 Fd Regt RA Echelon in black bin bags!! That was in 1980. I also remember helping fitting out 8 x 1 Ton RRB Rovers at 4 Div in 1982; each wagon containing 3 x VRC 353, IBRU, DMU's and masses of cabling. We were more concerned about how we could fit a proper bed into the back storage area of the vehicle!
    Those 1-ton Rovers were the Dogs gonads, as long as you didn't roll them!
  4. AAC BIII Sigs course in early 1979 was all Larkspur with a brief intro on the VRC-353. BAOR units ran with Larkspur for a few more years, until, along with Sultans we got Clansman (1981, if my memory isn't playing-up).
  5. I'm fairly certain that it was installed in the vehicles used by 1st Bn Cheshires (in Elizabeth Barracks, Minden) in 1979. It was a 3-week conversion, done by a specialist conversion team.
  6. I was trained on Clansman as JL at IJLB in 1979. When I arrived in my battalion they had Larkspur. No good making the sprog carry the radio as I had never seen a Larkspur before. Of course revenge was had when Clansman arrived and I was the only one who knew how to switch it on.
  7. I was posted into Trials Sqn, School of Sigs in 1975 and was put into Clansman Trials, the sets came through
    in dribs and drabs and we had at least two contenders for each particular set, these were trialled off against
    each other and a Report generated using stipulated guide lines ie Range, weight, immersion and drop tests.

    I remember being given the Trial Plan for the VRC353 and there was a printing error on the drop test, instead
    .3mtr it read 3mtr, I knew full well it was wrong but being the twat I was, draws a Line Ladder, up to Engers
    Corner and drops 353 from 3mtr.........handed it back to the Manufact. in two Plastic bags...big bollocking!

    I joined 742TACP in 1978, Spartans were just being issued and they came fully fitted out with Clansman kit
    351/2 and 344 complete.

    In 1977 we were sent to Chelmsford to look at the new RR system - TRC471(Triffid) which was just a wooden
    model....good piss up though!
  8. When I joined the TA in 79 we trained on Clansman, 321 HF I think. At the same time my old CCF unit was getting Larkspur.

    In the 70s the CCF was using, Tele set Js SM 10 for line, and WT88, 62 sets and a huge back pack item, copied from the Americans,SR 32 set I think. It was a long time ago
  9. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Yep. I started on Larkspur in the mid 70s and the Bn got Clansman about 1980. We thought it was the dog's bollox, so small, and no more A41 clouting you on the back of the head every time you took cover.
  10. Cloudy, the Sultans arrived in 211(11Bde) in late '82, having had the CVRT for 4 years, I trained the lads, 2 per Tp. in
    Driving and Maintaining them.

    The Range change between 4/5 Gear caused a few problems due to the height of the Sultans but the lads soon got
    used to it.............Happy Days.
  11. You are one cheeky bugger......Age 62... looks72...feels82...acts22.........fcuking youngsters...Bah!
  12. It would have been the WS 31 ( They're all here ( should you be feeling nostalgic!
  13. I first encountered clansman in September 1977, and was present when 5 Bde were converted from Larkspur to Clansman prior to deployment on Op Corporate in 1982.
  14. We had Larkspur when I joined a UOTC in 1981, which is probably why I'm still alive: I contrived to roll a soft-top Land Rover on my first summer camp, and the only thing that stopped us all getting crushed was the C 11 in the back. Which worked perfectly afterwards, unlike the L/R.

    We got Clansman (PRCs 321, 349, 351) end of 1982/beginning of 1983 IIRC. No VRCs, but the clip-in kits for the manpack sets did the trick. Probably wouldn't have supported the weight of a Land Rover, however.

    When I moved on to a TA radio relay troop in 1985, we still had C 41s, but they were replaced by Triffid in 1986 or 1987, I think.

    And of course we were still using the pre-Larkspur stuff in the cadets in the 1970s.

    Louis Meulstee's book "Wireless for the warrior" (Wireless for the Warrior. The history of British Army Radio) would probably give chapter and verse.
  15. Wow, Flaggie, '70 to'71 Crewman on a C41 Fishfryer, '71 to '75 Det Comd.
    Did my B1 at 8Sigs in '72 and took no notice at all of C50 or C70, thinking naively that 260Sigs would
    go on forever....BIG mistake....crapped myself when put in charge of a C70 Det.....good Crewman
    kept me sorted......C70, big grey awkward bwasterd, till she went in, then Peace and Quiet!!!!