Introduction letter needed for arrival at new unit.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by FULLTRAIN, May 4, 2007.

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  1. Evening All,
    A friend of mine needs a template of a letter of introduction to send to his future RSM/CO etc. Any help would be greatly received. :wink:
  2. For his CSM/SSM/etc

    "Dear Sir 2nd class warrant thingy

    I am due into your company/troop/etc soon and would like to be actively involved in changing the unit for the better. First of all I think you're a jack cnut. Second I wish to engage in providing sexual favours to the CO to aid my promotion prospects.

    Finally I see myself fitting in well by aiming to be a PTI within 6 months, so I can make lots of friends...


    Bigfa Tcuntychops"
  3. Don't forget to include hobbies as collecting spores molds and fungi and to ask the CO for permission to wear female military clothing and grow his hair long as he is a pre-op transexual. :)
  4. His new unit isn't the paras you know.... or is it?
  5. end the letter by saying oi fat chops you'll never march me off one of your parades
  6. The options are getting wider - Para's, REME - who's next.

    About the PARA She/HE is it still allowed to serve with them once it has had its bits removed? Just wondered with the Paras being front line troops.
  7. Deffo mate just think of the carnage he/she will cause with the flase nails and handbag at close range
  8. I should have fcuking known better really, shouldn't i ?????
  9. You did put it in the NAAFI. Is this "friend" of yours really a raving homosexual with a penchant for spreading manglue on slices of toast and finish it off with a light dusting of arrse musk?
  10. well... yes. :)
  11. It's not like you were ever going to get a sensible answer anyway at 2100 on a Friday evening.

    All those who are sober put your hands up.......... See! no hands = everyone pished.
  12. dear crabby,

    you've never written a letter of this nature.

    fcuk off

    walt hunter
    (aka No1cares)
  13. of course I fcuking haven't

    I've also never written a serious letter on the same topic.

    Your point being?

    Do you want to fcuk off and die now or later? Now would be far preferable od chap, chop chop, you won't be missed.
  14. My point being, you're a civvie on an Army website, often giving views about things you know nothing about.

    I'd rather die later.
  15. And you're a cnut. End of.