Introducing... myself

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by S_W_A_T, Oct 12, 2006.

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  1. hi everyone.
    just thought i'd say hi and introduce myself.

    not much of army career to be honest.
    joined the TA at 17 did a couple of years then did a FTRS to my Regular Battalion for about 2 years. Had a fantastic time in Germany, Poland, Canada and a gunners cadre (warrior) before Telic in 2003.

    Out of everything now.... but miss the crack.
  2. Never fear young fella me lad, the bints on here have arr$es of epic proportions, even Ray Charles could score a hole in one on their cracks.
  3. Does 4 years count as a career?
  4. Maybe even score some crack in one of their holes.... :-D
  5. If four inches counts as a then I've got both. If not then I'm fecked

    Welcome SWAT.
  6. Birdie_Numnums

    would u rather i was a walt, and lied and bluffed about my army life?
    Or Honest?
  7. SWAT - don't take things so seriously!
  8. I know blokes who did 2 years National Service, which, according to them, is equivalent to 22 years in todays Army!
  9. sorry... bad day at work.
    maybe i dont miss the crack?
  10. You're probably just a bit rusty at it.
  11. Better than bluffing about the size of your c.ock, eh Lostboss??

    He's only got a nub really....

    DISCLAIMER: It's all purely fictional as I don't know what Lostboss' appendage is actually like

    Lighten up SWAT, or have you got a nub too??
  12. It counts as a fecking life time in current military times, perhaps you should ask some of the "crows" coming back from the 'stan
  13. Oy! Not all of us have fat arrses thank you very much! :D
  14. Prove it.....
  15. dont all women in the army get issued an arrse?
    coz everywhere i've been it looked like they did