Introducing myself with a question... sorry

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Starscream-08, Sep 5, 2008.

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  1. Hello guys ive heard a lot of great things about this site for information about joining up etc...

    Basically im currently working for finance company and not enjoying it one little bit, im determined to join the army but theres a hitch, ive got a baby on the way and am engaged.... my girl is happy for me to do this infact it would make finances alot easier....

    What can you guys recommend? Any hurdles im likely to encounter etc etc?

    There is nothing I want to do more.... Should have done it years ago, joining i mean but then would have what ive got now! :)
  2. Go and have a word in the careers office (opposite James St station)
  3. Thanks I will do...
  4. well i am only 6 weeks in to the training but 1 thing has become apparent to me.

    u get about 1200 a month, of that 770 goes in to your pocket each month, -130 for laundry on first month and -140-160 they forward you to buy junk at extortionate prices for exercises, so around 500 for the first month.

    think... will this make financial struggles easier? for me its find im single 18 yo and dont have a care in the world, but your situation may be different.
  5. 1200-500 = 700. So apparently you lose £500 in deductions and don't mention tax, national insurance, accomodation and food charges.

    Your £770 cash in hand (until your bank details come online) covers everything you need - and there are bound to be some things you would rather not buy, but need to (Phase 1 track suit?).

    If there are things that you are paying for or think you are being made to pay for without needing them, then speak to your Troop Commander - if he doesn't listen, speak to the padre or welfare. You don't pay out willy nilly for rubbish.

    As for finances being easier, once past basic training it would be - especially if you intend to marry your fiance and get a quarter (Army house). you then pay peanuts for a place to live.

    Feel free to ask any more questions - but you may take a pay cut in the first few weeks/months depending on trade, length in training, phase 2 route etc.
  6. Thankyou that was actually really helpfull and yes we are planning on getting married....

    Im gonna be heading down to the Afco on wednesday to speak to them
  7. Does your soon-to-be wife know that you are likely to spend a lot of time away from home, initially on courses and then deployed? And you can be posted at short notice, pack up the house and move to Catterick, Tidworth, Pirbright, Germany etc.

    Look at your skills, look at the pay-scales, ask on here about promotion prospects for various trades and be realistic. In most trades, it takes 5-7 years to reach LCpl and Cpl, although you can do it quicker.

    The Army is ideal for single soldiers - less so for young married soldiers especially in the first couple of years.

    I have had 3 soldiers, in just your position, leave in the last 4 years, precisely because they couldn't afford to stay. I am aware of others where the marriage has ended.

    Tread carefully,

  8. hi iam waiting for my dates t come through and am joining army air corp, is anyone still waiting for the dates t join tht corp , or is any one in the corp who would like t share some info.........

  9. Yeah we are both well aware of the times apart etc both comming from family's with a fair few members being in the armed forces past and present...

    The thing is for us this really does seem to be the only answer, but its also what I want to do and has been for years just never got around to it,

    The problem is ofcourse im not really qualified to do anything, I went to college and did rather well but walked away with no pieces of paper but thats another story, my partner is a student nurse but taking time out to have the baby. Although not sure if she will go back, least not to adults. Ive looked to studying again to improve my prospects but being 25 and the only one of us working at the moment dont really have the money to do a course and certainly dont want anything on finance so for me its either go for my dream or retire in 30 or 40 years doing practically the same job
  10. As long as you understand what you are both letting yourself in for!

    Your fiance needs to gain her qualifications quickly; once she has those, she can work anywhere you can (except on ops, obviously, unless she joins the TA)!

    Good luck with the plan.

  11. Thanks Litotes went down to the Careers office on Wednesday to see what they best advised, a very nice colour sergeant from the rifles pretty much explained everything to me about it, only thing is im more out of shape than I thought as they checked my height and weight.... gotta lose about 20kilo's but hopefully wont take me that long.