Introducing my late father's account of his captivity during WW2

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Sojourn in Silesia

My daughter and I retyped the book last year after Dad died, aged nearly 95. She published it, as the original publishers had lost the hard copy!

I also do a blog of Dad's letters home from his prison camp in Upper Silesia.
Letters from Stalag VIIIB

We (my daughter and I) are obviously very proud of Dad and are really happy that he left an account of his interment. Many war heroes were understandably unable to talk about/ relive their experiences during the war. We are grateful he was able to, even though he was in his 80's before he felt able to put pen to paper (actually he used a word processor as I recall).

So, thanks for looking. On the off chance that you do buy/download/read the book, please leave a review on would be very grateful

(I do hope I have broken any forum rules).

Kathy of Lamsdorf


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nice one , did you discover if any coded messages were in the letters and cards home at all ??
Hi, yes. Managed to work out (asked his sister) who Les Knowles was (Les Knowles' firm have been busy recently).
Les Knowles was a neighbour who'd joined the RAF. Dad was obviously referring to RAF activity he'd become aware of.

He also talks about Uncle Antonio and other Uncles, I believe referring to the various countries who were either doing well, or doing badly.
Uncle Joe (for Stalin I think).

In the last letter I have added to the blog, he refers to Uncle this still Antonio? Is it Spain or another country?

Thanks for your interest.

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