Introducing Forces Compare

Forces Compare

Forces Compare is the UK’s only forces led insurance comparison site and the platform has proved to be a great tool since it’s launch last month.

The website offers the only Forces led platform of its kind and is also unique in its kit and contents comparison offering.

From July 1st, the site has been visited by more than 30,000 people looking to save money on their current insurance policies and pursue tailor-made deals which better suit their service needs.

The website allows users to compare hundreds of insurance policies within a matter of minutes. Users are able to browse a wide range of competitively-priced providers and deals for Car insurance, home and travel insurance.

The company has strong military links and as such, have been able to leverage special deals for serving soldiers through their notable contacts.

Veteran led, Forces Compare’s team highlighted their own former grievances with acquiring insurance that actually meets the demands of military life and believed there was a gap in the market for a more straightforward and informative platform.

The website is not restricted to military and ex military personnel and can save civilians time and money too.

Searching for a potentially better suited and more cost effective policy has always been a headache for many people and as such, customers often become complacent with their current insurance provider due to the lack of administration required.

This complacency can allow companies to take advantage of existing clients when it comes to automatically renewing their policies and offering a poor loyalty discount each year. With this in mind, on many occasions, customers tend to settle for unsuitable coverage due to the chore of searching individual sites online to explore other options.

Now, with a great array of policies, providers and specialist businesses all in one place, with very little customer administration, browsing for a potentially better suited alternative couldn’t be easier or quicker.

Forces Compare
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Horrendous website. Full of typos and spelling mistakes, stock images, rank drop down menu only goes up to SSSgt there is no such rank as 'Inf' and it also wants me to enter a Main Driver Trade. Gave up and won't be using.


War Hero
The website is not restricted to military and ex military personnel and can save civilians time and money too.
So, er.....what's the point?

Looks like just another insurance comparison website in which Forces Compare also make money on.

Now unless you are telling me that Forces Personnel get further discounts by utilising your site..................

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