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New member here I just started filming prospecting video's thought I'd join up and share them with anyone who might like getting outdoors and adventure. I have four kids and a grand baby on the way ,I coach Baseball and love to prospect for Gold and look for Treasure. I'm a Dive Master . Thanks for having me here hope you like the video's.

video's what?
Happy to keep it hidden.

And yes all members of the Clergy are completely insane and although we hide it very well, different quirks do come out now and again.
We range from 'mildly quirky' to 'mad as a badger', I currently am at 'bit of a fruitcake' level.
It comes from the vast amount of alcohol consumed in theological collage and is exacerbated in later life due to the consumption of bloody awful tea and stale cakes that get thrust in our general direction on a regular basis. (its not a question of if we get type 2 diabetes, knackered arteries and high blood pressure, its a question of when.)
Frequent vocal communication with an individual that we cannot see does not help our outward appearance either. Neither does the regular suppression of violent rage that comes from people thinking we only work on one day of the week.
Then again, look on the bright side-you've got one Training Pamphlet with no amendments for the last few centuries.


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Welcome to ARRSE from one of your oldest allies on the North American continent. I am Cherokee Indian who served with the US Army for 28 years in various jobs and various posts. My tomahawk is retired and doesn't take any scalps these days unless you count the ones taken at the casino. (Potawotamie Hotel and Casino Milwaukee, WI - try the snow crab legs.)

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I've always had reservations about you....
There is that.
On the down side there is the encouragement to be modern and inclusive. I got asked once what I had done recently that showed diversity. Apparently going for a pint with the local RC Priest did not count.
. . . and probably did more to foster friendship and understanding than a slack handful of 'workshops'.

Edit: Unless you got so rat-bummed that you ganged up on the Methodist, leaving him in a broken and bloody heap :cool:


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Hi annie.

If you get replies mentioning "popcorn" or "your tits", do not respond.

Best of luck.
Ignore that! You must respond. I did and have been here for ages.
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