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Look, ignore the naysayers and just enjoy the relaxing ambience. Revel in the good comradeship, the fairmindedness and the whole ethos of being non-judgemental. The site is filled with cheerful cockernees, heartily-singing Welshmen and extraordinarly generous Scotsfolk. The northeners are warm and welcoming, the midlanders dour but good companions and the Snail is a gentle, kind and loving lass.
I incorrectly posted in the REME sub-forum..

Thought about joining for quite some time...

To the basics if you will, I am actually the last fully time served vehicle mechanic from 42 district workshops REME. I Joined the TA as was at 17 and had to get permission from the CO of the aforementioned to do so. I joined 238 SQN RTC(was part of 156 Transport Regiment RTC). The REME detachment obviously. A fair few former 42 district workshops apprentice VM's were already long serving members of as was known as 238 SQN WKSP REME.

When I first joined I was lets say, short in stature and very very slim...the resident regular army tiffy attached(Artificer Staff Sergeant) TA attached called me a spilt pin(the name/nickname stuck) because at the time I was barely 5ft 6".

I remember my recruit course down in Borden very well, one time mid the training, the Cpl mentioned(he was a very experienced ex infantry solider/what was called back then a reme solider if I recall correctly) a night of and down to the pub, is everyone 18?....daft me put my arm up in the air and said 'I'm 17'. He asked the question again several times before yours truly finally clicked on

These days I am 4" taller and very verygrey, pushing 50 yrs of age but still reasonably slim'ish at 12st but have the middle age spread because I like a pint!
I incorrectly posted in the REME sub-forum..
Welcome to ARRSE from one of your oldest allies on the North American continent. I am Cherokee Indian who served with the US Army for 28 years in various jobs and various posts. My tomahawk is retired and doesn't take any scalps these days unless you count the ones taken at the casino. (Potawotamie Hotel and Casino Milwaukee, WI - try the snow crab legs.)

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