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This thread is for (newer?) members of the site to introduce themselves. As always persec is key so avoid name rank and number!

We're going to keep a good eye on this thread so keep it on topic and relatively pleasant pse ......
Twelve years in the Royal Engineers, left after Telic and decided to reclaim my life. Currently working in construction industry but do sometimes miss the lifestyle.

Anyone here serve in 32?


Hey all, new here, although I've been lurking for a little while. Currently a student (graduating next year) and applying to be an officer with the plan being to serve with the Artillery if I'm accepted. Due to attend AOSB briefing early next year.


Hi long time lurker, finally getting around to joining and throwing my two cents worth into some discussions. From a large military family, nearly all of my immediate family have been in the Army at one stage or another and I'm currently in the process of joining - heading to catterick next year hopefully.
Been on here a few months now and havent formally introduced myself yet so here goes.

Ive been in the military in various forms ( ^~ ) on and off since 1987. Got 2 years left or 4 if I take VEng and because I'm very aware the clock is ticking thats why I joined arrse. Hope to get good advice on the job and quals front prior to me finishing up.

Enjoying it so far; fights,love-ins,humour,debate,info.... this place has got the lot.

PS I served at 32, but I'm not RE.
hi all,i am 29 and have decided it is now or never to fullfill my dream of joining the british army, i recently did my adsc to join the parachute regiment at which i was successfull, i now have to do the prac course in january so hopefully that will go well and i could start my combat infantryman course in may


This thread is for (newer?) members of the site to introduce themselves. As always persec is key so avoid name rank and number!

We're going to keep a good eye on this thread so keep it on topic and relatively pleasant pse ......
hi all,just a few lines to say that I have had my beedy eyes on the site for a while and I like what i see, A bit about me: I am retired,was a white van man for a few years,did nearly 5 years in the force,my hobbies are fishing walking the dog and a bit of reading.:|.


War Hero
I've been lurking for about a year and a half now. left university this year and i am considering going into the army as an officer although it's not set in stone. Came on to ask a few questions maybe get involved in a few of the threads.

Also a massive fan of arrsepedia, for some reason i can't stop laughing at the description of a horse as a semi insane herbivoure.
jvb1988 you have lurked for 18 months, post once and still have questions. You are prime officer material, what is your question, fire away.

ORs, Im expecting, how do you remove water marks from suede, but expect why does it hurt when I stare at the sun for 10 minutes.


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I know i know its extremely poor form but my questions are more of a specific nature more related to me as a person and recent events that may have changed. i.e Is there a higher standard required of potential officers now with the defense cuts announced? can they and are they more picky? which are two of my questions.
I'm Flagrantviolator. I'm of French- Canadian and Ulster background. Spent 7 years in the ROyal Canadian Armoured Corps. Myy Da was my RSM. I'm a Contractor (that's builder to youse), and a (newly, and sporadically) recovering alcoholic; and have been referred to by hippies and feminist ****-pox as a "misogynist". Not surprisingly, I'm thrice divorced. I have 2 daughters. One is the light of the world and the other has a terrible attitude and a gender-bending problem. I'm often violent when I don't get what I want, so steer clear. That said, I'm very nice to Grannies and retarded children. Not pets though, I often kick or otherwise torment pets.

Sig Smith

G'day from down under ....

5 years in the RAN Fleet Air Arm as an aircraft radio tech, and later followed by 7 years in Australian Army Reserve / RASIGs as an Electronics Technician. Have been reading the site for a few years and only recently joined. Bloody great stuff here! Now work as a radio specialist for a telecommunications company.
Greetings all, I have been reading the threads here in the last while with interest. Served in the 70's in Rhodesia, RLI and all, and then did a few years with the Paras in South Africa before calling it a day on soldiering (at the rank of major) in 1983 (that makes me 57). Have kept up with developments (sort of) in the interim but my interest has increased more recently probably due to the Afghanistan exercise. I do discuss military matters elsewhere as well. Am interested in the basics and how they have been adapted over the years and also where training has or hasn't kept up with modern demands. This especially for officer training below field rank. I had the pleasure of soldiering with a number of Brit soldiers and NCOs in Rhodesia some of whom I remain in contact with today.

King Lukaz

Hi there , On the 6th of March. I'll be fulfilling my dream of joining the british army , will be going to ITC Catterick for 6 months. I am from South Africa and very proud to have a place in the British Army.
Hi all, been nosing around the threads for some while now. In the process of joining up and wanting to join the Royal Artillery. Have my selection on 17th January, so see what happens from there
I'm Spartacus.


I've been lurking for about a week, was given the link by a very good friend who is currently in Grenadiers. I'm hoping to join the Rifles. I looked at other cores, and settled on infantry. Then I looked at different regiments and although all of them I believe, would give me a great pride to serve in, Rifles really made my head buzz! :)


Evening all,

Found this site and joined. Served in RGJ for 12 yrs, ex-Jnr Ldr. (Oswestry). Still like the banter - getting older but still like the wine!. Now spend my time with my boy (11 Yrs old) on his fencing. This year the Epee, should be fun

Regards to all



All the way from Norn Iron so it is ;-) Signed up to this a while back but only recently started using it a couple of months back. Still a civvy but joining the Engineers in February :thumright: Few people know me already but all the other guys/gals - I was in OTC (snore) and was on my way to becoming an officer but didn't like the image and wanted to gain experience by becoming a soldier. That's about it for now ;-)

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