Intro thread rubbish

No, I insist. Tofu burgers and alcohol free beer for all. Ooh and nut roasts. Sorry, I do have a filthy mouth on me.
Yeah, about that fitting in fine bit.................

You already know my nickname? This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship! ;)

Fine, bloody steaks and lots of booze.....
On second thoughts, throw a bit of flesh into the mix and you're on.

We shall see Grasshopper, we shall see. Ooops, sorry, I meant Snail.

Many have tried, many have fallen by the way side.
Psssssst, its "Sluggy" to friends.
I love Wiki. I'm not a sock puppet. I don't think I've ever joined this site before(unless I was drunk which is possible, actually highly likely) and I'm not looking to love any of you loooong time.
Moved here from the Social forum because frankly it IS complete arse.
I told you it would all go Pete.

Did you listen? Did you fuck.

I didn't mean you Scary.


Best place for it if you ask me :)
Cheers Scaryspice! (now there's a phrase I never thought I'd say)

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