Intro thread rubbish

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by stateofmind, Aug 19, 2012.

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  1. So kind of you to offer but I'd prefer a dick gag and ropes! =D
  2. Nobby Sapper, I'll grab a red marker now and draw one on as long as you lads aren't going to come at me with a Trojan!
  3. You gonna fit in just fine, Yessssssssssssireeeeee!
  4. No no rough stuff, not at first anyway.
    Where you gonna put your target?
  5. I'm watching you.........
  6. Well some of my finer points are that I'm rude, crude and animalistic so this could be fun!
  7. Sluggy, hold on while I park up. I can "dog" properly then.
  8. That's a hard one ;) tits or arse, I can't decide!
  9. You've got to love the can say things that usually only come out after LOTS of alofrol.
  10. Tits :) Then if I get excited the over shoot might get your face!!!
  11. There's food for thought! So glad I stopped lurking and started posting!
  12. Food for thought?
    It's got more protein than that in it :wink:
  13. Like I said, you will fit in just fine.
    Don't mind those other gurlies, jealousy is such an ugly thing, and some can be a right nasty pieces of work.

    We're here to protect you SOM. Don't feel too obliged to reward us in any way.
    No really, you don't have to. Oh, thats far too much...............................
  14. No, I insist. Tofu burgers and alcohol free beer for all. Ooh and nut roasts. Sorry, I do have a filthy mouth on me.
  15. Fucking veggie shite!!!
    Be off with you, you foul harridan!!!