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Discussion in 'Photography' started by Dontcareanymore, Nov 7, 2011.

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  1. Hello all

    Just introducing myself. I have been an amatuer tog for about 10 years, Initially shooting on wet and doing my own developing (Self taught) now I work with Canon 5D and shooting commercial, Weddings and a little bit of glamour every now and then (wifey does not like it so no longer shooting the nudes).

    Always willng to share what I know and argue the toss over minor little issues with those who are annoyingly big headed :nod:

    My main imnages are townscapes particulary long exposures (its what I like doing).

    Take care

  2. Oh dear, stand by for loads of juvenile flack about the nudes. People here can be very crude and lewd.

    I do a little digital photography myself with a Nikon D40x & D3100 but I save that topic for other forums, to discourage the others, so to speak.
  3. So, any glamour photos you wish to share. Just in case a bit of constructive criticism is required, you understand.

    For no other purpose.

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  4. HHH

    HHH LE

    I'm old, can I give him some flack ??
  5. Fill your boots, If having me as a target helps you in any way, im glad to oblige.:thumright:

    I probably wont display any of my previous work on here, although when i return to UK next year I will be cramming for my LRPS, I will happily show those off for critisim etc.
  6. I'll settle for the vile ones.
  7. OK, if no one else will, I'll ask - "is this borderline spam?"

    *looks over to MtC for assurance*
  8. *twirls pencil moustache* It may prove amusing for the time being. We can take turns in torturing it, it seems to like that kind of thing *cackles*