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INTRO EX 3 help


so we do intro ex 3 next week and it’s pass or fail I shouldn’t be flappin it because I think I’ll be sound obviously I’m flapping because I’ve already been backsqauded once due to an error in training with the weapon handling test I got to week 9 with my last platoon I’m now at week 6 and I haven’t been home in nearly 4 months due to COVID I’ve just been stuck at catterick so really I just want to get threw this and get a leave week 8 could anyone give me some advice or tips to make the exercise easier for myself and to make sure I know everything to avoid so I can pass cheers


Make sure your morning routine is good and that you’ve cleaned your rifle well for inspection. Give a good target indication and remember the 7 S’s and you’ll not go too far wrong. I think just getting through it without drawing attention to yourself will be what passes you.

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