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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by J_D, Jan 18, 2005.

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  1. J_D

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  2. napier

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    The Pentagon strike film is incredible (assuming that it is true). Makes you wonder who is covering up what and why. My old chap flew for American Airlines at the time, so I'll ask him if he knew the crew who died.
  3. J_D

    J_D LE

    it makes sense if you think about it, a boeing 747 would of made more damage to the pentegon and that plane did not do that much compared.

    So why cover up? whats the American government hiding apart from a crap president?
  4. re the pentagon strike video. makes very interesting watching. obviously a lot of thought went into producing that and it asks a lot of questions that need to be answered. but it wont change what happened. there will always be controversy and hyped "media spins" on anything to do with "9/11".
    i guess, in a way, from a humanity p.o.v. it makes no difference whether it was a plane or a missile. you still end up injured or dead. i had a friend of mine working there that day. it didnt make any difference to her what hit the building she still had her life altered irrevocably.

    very late in the evening of that day a mate of mine rang me and said "for gods sake turn on the telly some wally has crashed into the trade centre". i hit the remote and got a channel instead showing vision of the pentagon with (what i remember as) smoke billowing from it and chunks missing. the rest of the next week or so was spent trying to get on with work and cope with the cnn coverage deconstruction and reconstruction of the events and trying to find news of friends and relatives over there. eventually after several weeks of frantic calls i got in contact with my friend to find she lost both her legs and her unborn baby. a short time after that her husband who was a ranger was sent over to stan and never made it back. after that point she shut off contact with the rest of the world. i contacted her family who let me know she ended up in various institutions heavily medicated to prevent ongoing suicide attempts. i know there are plenty of people with similar stories which were probably told at the time.

    i have found a troubling increase of late in the number of bleeding heart lefties who have continued to protest at "the west's interference in local politics in the middle east" and advocate for not only all troops to leave the area but also disband all the armed forces of western nations. this will apparently show the fundamentalist muslim world we want peace and will also somehow "make the terrorists stop". they also make comments like "well if you are a soldier you deserve to die". these same gits wonder why i have to leave their presence suddenly before i kick their teeth in.

    in the ongoing "war on terror" dubbya, TFCB, TCH, littlejohnny lickarse and the rest of the sheep who swallowed the WMD story will continue to be safe in their comfy offices while getting some other poor sod to do their dirty work. nothing will ever change the past. proper, truthful, intelligent leadership making considered decisions might just make the future a better place to live.

    ps sorry to post so seriously in naafi i will try to think of something vile and degrading for next time.
  5. J_D

    J_D LE

    I know the deathes and events won't change, the question is simple, why did the US Government claim that a boeing 747 crashed into the penetegon when obv. it was a smaller plane with few people on it etc. Why lie? I mean for everything that had happened why this?

    Question really is, what was on that plane in 1st place to get covered up for?
  6. .

    Pssst get your Boeings right :wink: Give you a clue it wasn't a 747.
  7. Why on earth is this in the NAAFI?
  8. not funny ha ha but on 9/11 it was first reported as a truck bomb on the news by officals.
  9. Anya,

    you're missing the whole point of Miz's post!

    I watched the video and agree it is intriguing, but so what? Maybe it was a missile attack and the DoD is not telling us to prevent a copy cat attack! who knows, maybe aliens did it or it was the hand of Allah!

    I don't particularly care what hit the pentagon, something did!

    This and other stuff like it, seem to be endemic of bored little people who seem to think they need to know EVERYTHING!

    Besides, if we found out the truth, most people would probably still look for a conspiracy!
  10. J_D

    J_D LE

    I put two links up to two different video's and obv. people took an interest in one of them. If you ain't got nowt good to say then don't say it. Cheers

    Well america was informed by uk gov. that the attacks were going to happen and america took the route of not to listen because apparently they get 100's of threats a day. Obv. they were wrong huh!!

    Its a sad sad tragedy which you can only learn from
  11. Anya, did you sue the NHS when the lobotomy went wrong?
  12. J_D

    J_D LE

    chickenpunk winde your neck in fool. If you ain't got nowt to say then bugger off, this thread will not be ruined by an immature twat like you
  13. :lol:
  14. they found something to labotomise? 8O
  15. All sorts of things to say; if it was a penetrating missile then the most likely source was the US military and that would fit with the GWB regime's requirement for a 'new pearl harbour' to allow draconian changes on domestic and international policy issues. Therefore, especially on the basis that we're allies, that is very important.

    My post wasn't aimed at you, just that there will be lots of folk with pertinant things to contribute who simply don't hang around in the NAAFI as a matter of course and that if you were looking for wider informed comment...

    ...then there might be other places to look.

    Frankly I'm beginning to think twice about even checking NAAFI threads all the time on the basis that I end up having to read 30-40 pages of (admittedly very amusing) mudslinging but it is all getting a bit 'samey'... That's fine and its what the NAAFI is there for but if you're going to get arrsey that people are not contributing sensible posts, you need to be somewhere else.

    <Puts on smock, adjusts lid, minces out >