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Since the re-branding of SEAE & SEME has anybody been able to access their websites? The links from MS don't work and the HQ DEME(A) page has no links at all?
These websites are a handy tool for a whole host of information, however I do enjoy phoning around 10 random departments starting from the guardroom.
Get an internet password?
Takes a bit of patience but try searching from the home page for DEME(A) and/or DCEME. As soon as you get a mug shot of the Brig take a look left and right for links, not necessarily direct but clicky linky a few times and you should be reet. I think it's a standardisation thing, corporate image and all that. Once you're in it's a lot simpler than the old REME branded sites, you've just got to find it. Good luck.

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