Intramedullary nail, in or out?


I've passed AOSB and have a place at the factory, which I haven't currently taken up. In the interim a moron turned across me on my motorcycle causing a rather bad accident.

other then the head injury, broken ribs and collapsed lung I had a commutated compound fracture of my right femur, which was fixed with a Intramedullary nail as per x ray. On my latest x ray the screws at the bottom are slightly bent due to tiny bit of over training

The rehab is going really well. I've spoken briefly to a doctor at sandhurst who said I'd be fine going with the metal in.

I'm very into my semi dangerous sports mountain biking, climbing, sky diving anyhting like that basically. My physio has highlighted that it would be very bad to break my leg again with the implant in and that for active people they tend to take it out.

After all that my question is has anyone out there had an implant and is it still in there? If it was takend out , why?

Had the pin put in about 20 years ago,1986, and had it removed in 94 due to the screws becoming loose, they also did the same thing to the pins in my right arm. but I am a great deal older than you and now walk with a limp and have a major arthritis problem, ask your doctor about this as you are still young enough for you to gain a complete recovery, best of luck
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