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Into the RAF

Young lad going through his application to join the RAF has passed the ability to mix cocktails and look busy tests and has just one test left with the Air Commodore.

First question the AC asks; So Rupert whats the name of the place where we used to get water from and people in Africa get it from nowadays

Rupert thinks for a minute and say Well sir

Well done Rupert, second question; Rupert when we die if we don't go to heaven where do we go?

Rupert takes another minute or 2 and finally comes up with the answer Hell

Well done again Rupert just one more question sorry its a little difficult, but thats how it is
third question; what is the name of the place a fox sleeps in, in the wild

Rupert struggles with this one for a while and eventually comes up with the answer Lair

WellHellLair and welcome to the RAF says the AC

I think I may just need my taxi now

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