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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Chad_Vader, Apr 28, 2009.

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  1. Apologies if this question has been asked elsewhere,

    However i am due to go into the jungle on exercise and as its my first time (in the jungle not on exercise, sadly) i was wondering if any old sweats out there could advise on essentials i should consider taking.

    I hate spending loads of cash on extra kit but i expect some will be necessary

  2. Try doing a search for Belize - I did last year and got lots of helpful hint.
  3. To be honest, you don't really need to buy anything other than a decent canoe bag to put your dry kit in and a pace counter of some sort. You might want to find out what sort of boots you're going to get issued and if it's not the US issue/style jungle boot, get a pair, as they're pretty good.

    You should get issued the basic kit and equipment you'll need, which is sufficient for the job, and means you don't add unnecessary weight.

    The jungle warfare pamphlet has a good kit list and it's all basic issue stuff. As you'll find out, you don't need a lot of kit to operate in the jungle.
  4. You lucky Barsteward I'd love to go to Belize again - most of the issued kit will do the job however try some of the below:

    1. Eat plenty of garlic - the mossies hate it
    2. Take a book (or 2) - to read of a night time, you get roughly 12 hours of pitch black darkness in the J where there's no movement. Personally I can't sleep for 12 hours a night and have tried to move in the J at night - trust me it doesn't work!
    3. A decent head torch (LED one) with plenty of batteries
    4. Take a good quantity of para cord for building stuff such as A frames - the old green twine doesn't last long, keep that for ambushes, comms cord etc
    5. Take a decent personal first aid kit with plenty of anti septic wipes, plasters, sh1ts and anti-sh1ts tablets, diarolite, headache tablets and brufen, anti-fungal foot powder etc.
    6. Wetwipes (fragance free if you can get them)
    7. Yank poncho liner are a must (not just for the J) they are a godsend
    8. Warm kit - it does get cold at night when you are acclimatised
    9. Some blokes took a small telescopic umbrella (obviously black or green with a bit of cam net on it) - instant shelter in a tropical downpour
    10. Odds and ends - lighters, waterproof notebook (white modeling card linked together with grenade rings), pencils, sharpe penknife or multi tool, waterproof bags and as said a kayak bag. Also bungees (pre tied to your poncho plus some spare).

    Also the following:

    1. Always, always becareful of where you put your basha up, make sure there isn't any deadfall suspended in the trees above you as it can come crashing down in the night.
    2. Becareful when stepping over a fallen tree - look before you step
    3. Make sure everthing you can is off the floor before you go to sleep
    4. The Belizian J has two nasty trees the b*stard tree which has spines down it's trunk - I don't know it's proper name but it's usually what squaddies shout when they run into it or grab it, a mate of mine had to have minor surgery when we got back to the UK to have one removed from his shoulder. The second is I think called the blinding tree - if you get the sap from this on you it can burn but if you get it in your eyes it's apparently like someone holding your ehad over a very smoky fire
    5. The wild life will generally get out of your way but things like the fer de lance which is a nasty piece of work will not. Also check your kit in the morning prior to moving just in case something has decided to join you in the night
  5. get a hennessay hammock, the issued ones are pants, i used a issed one when i went for my 1st time last year, and saw blokes with the hennessay, and i thought i should of spent £80 n got one, the issed ones takes quite a bit of time to setup properly, and u gotta use ur issed poncho, where has the henny has it all build into one.
  6. I got skewered good and proper in 1992 with dozens of wee spikes along my hand and up my arms. One spike refused to come out and stayed in my arm as a lump until about 2 years ago!
  7. Cycling shorts or the ones issued for herrick/telic. The last thing you want is rotten ballacks. Copious amounts of foot powder as well.
  8. Thanks for all the info,

    Off to the Jungle in Brunei as opposed to the other Jungle in Belize.
    Though i am sure it will contain its own set of interesting beasties.
  9. You had better believe it, You're lucky you're not going to Canungra in Oz - they've got all sorts of nasty things there Drop Bears, Hoop snakes and of course the infamous Yowie - never saw any of them but the Aussie soldiers said they were about and to watchout for them!
  10. You will find that it is mainly ants, gibbons, ants and stag beetles and perhaps the odd pig, all quite safe compared with some forests but an awful lot of dead fall in some areas.