Intitutional Islamophobia in Britain.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by 5_mile_sniper, Jul 2, 2004.

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  1. This from the Beeb's website...

    Hmmmnn, well I know that many would call this racist but...

    ...if overall the most pertinent security threat at the moment is from Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorists, then does it not stand to reason that our security services would be paying more attention to Muslims in Britain, many of whom are know to be sympathetic to the cause of Jihad?

    I really am thinking about emigrating from this country because I am starting to feel like I no longer belong here. Anybody else feel like seeking asylum in Oz or somewhere similar, on the grounds of persecution by BLiar's government?
  2. One reason for this is simple-PC.

    It is bringing about this concept of Institutional Islamophobia/racism etc. In their rush to appease for the sins of the Fathers, the left wing brigade are alienating the vast majority of the UK population.

    Can't wait to leave this shiithole called the UK :evil:
  3. Looking at the numbers, it's up from 2 searches a day to 8 a day - BIG DEAL. Perhaps the other way to look at it is that they weren't being stopped enough in the past.

    Given the climate, albeit largely our own (and the merkins) fault, it looks to me as if the old bill is slacking.
  4. No: this is our country and I won't be driven out by the insane PC brigade. If I decide to retire to South Africa (or wherever) it will be because I want to - not as a negative. What would happen if we all took the attitude of "flight not fight"? :( :(
  5. at least weve not gone as paranoid as the septics, their govt are constantly putting the wind up them, telling them that there is going to be a terrorist attack.....................NOW!!
  6. So, I take it from the newslinks that I have more chance of being stopped and (strip) searched in the city at night if I wear a turban?
    Coooooool :wink:
  7. you'd fit right in where youre from :wink: :D
  8. msr

    msr LE

    Curiously similar to the Stepehen Lawrence Enquiry:

    The truly amazing thing is that although everyone believes that Macpherson claimed racism was rife in the police, the inquiry found no evidence of this at all. It found no officer to be racist; no evidence that the policies of the Metropolitan police were racist; no racist conduct by officers; indeed, it rejected the claim that the police investigation into the murder had failed because of racism. Yet this report is held to be the conclusive proof that the police and all English institutions are riddled with racism.

    As the Dennis book demonstrates, it managed this by intellectual sleight of hand. Since no racism was uncovered, it adopted the definition of institutional racism invented by Stokely Carmichael, the black power revolutionary, and used that to damn the police to perdition. Because this holds that racism mysteriously floats about in structures, not persons, you can be racist without knowing it. Thus what isn't there is really there, and to challenge that utterly specious reasoning is itself proof that you are a racist.

    Here she is again:

    Institutional Islamophobia. Intellectual idleness more like.

  9. Oh yes, this looks soooo disproportionate...


    Fools :roll:
  10. Crikey - a man with a fact.

    Well that hasn't had any media coverage has it?
  11. Lifted from BBC article. Don't know if it was one of the two I linked to originally as they update as the day progresses.
  12. Read Melanie Phillips articles, very good. They describe all that is wrong with the country today.

    It is these dangerous idiots she mentioned and the organisations they work for that are bringing about this climate within the UK. People are becoming disenchanted with the main stream political parties because they refuse to address this issue and so in come the right -wing parties with solutions to these problems. And so we see the slow creep of the BNP, very dangerous.

    Back to the stop and searches. As one Police Officer said, in the 70s we stopped and searched white Irish as they were the terrorist threat, now its the Muslim fundamentalists, so we now stop and search a few more Asians. It's not being racist mate, its being security concious.
  13. I think that they may be dangerous, but they are not idiots. They know what they want. They work consistently toward getting it.

    What they want is power. They want to turn the western world into a copy of East Germany. It's the common thread that runs through all their policies.

    One way by which the few may lord it over the many is to see to it that the "many" consists of people who have no common ties of shared language, religion, customs, and morals. Where once there was a nation, instead you have a bunch of people who feel they have nothing in common.

    Then stir up suspicion and resentment among these people. There are many ways:

    -- "Affirmative action" preferential treatment, along racial/ethnic lines, in employment, government contracts, and admissions to schools and universities.

    -- Criminalization of speech, deployment of undercover officers in public establishments with instructions to arrest people who make impermissible remarks, such as jokes, or mimicry of the accents of others.

    -- Stimulation of resentment by dwelling on statistics as to the frequency with which members of various demographic groups are questioned or detained by the police. The discussion must remain focused on statistical aggregates, without any inquiry in to whether there are rational and lawful reasons for statistically significant differences.
  14. Criminalization of speech, deployment of undercover officers in public establishments with instructions to arrest people who make impermissible remarks, such as jokes, or mimicry of the accents of others.

    feck me, thats all us lots plus out oppo's in jail then :cry:

    runaway!!!!!!! :twisted: