intetested about joining as a vehicle mechanic?

Discussion in 'REME' started by marc24935, Jul 24, 2007.

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  1. i am 21 currently working as a body fitter/stripper in a bodyshop just finished apprenticeship being there 2 years.

    thinking about joining as a vehicle mechanic what is it like, the training ie where your based, what jobs u do . the life in the army whats it like

    also im keen on going to the gym can u still do this?

    thought id ask people that do it rather than a recruitment officer saying its great you'll love it.
  2. All I can say is that I did 15 years as a VM and enjoyed it . Things have changed since my day but I still reckon it's worth a go. The thing is with the army , whatever you go in for, is that it suits some but not others. Try it and see , I would.
  3. There is a cracking trade not yet up and running, called TSS, look into that mate! :twisted:
  4. I agree with craftsmanx mate,just suck it and see! I did 24 years ago and had 12 of the best years of my life. Good luck.
  5. Same as any job fella has ups and downs, and varies depending on units you go to and the personalities that you work with and socialise with. If you are up for a crack you may well enjoy it and get on, but as sombrerofrog says suck it and see. Just because you work in a bodyfitter shop does not mean you have to join as a VM as there are other trades out there that may well interest you. Have to say it is normally the black hand gang that are working when every other sod is on a sports afternoon or getting there heads down on exercise etc. So if you like working your nads off you will defo love it.
  6. As said its a good job but can get very hectic at times, been a VM for nearly 20 years now. Ive done the old recruiting bit aswell and wonder if you have got any Engineering NVQ Quals as you might be entitled to get a bonus depending on what level you hold.

    The recruiters are good though and if you have the relevant quals D's in English, Maths and science and get above 48 on the BARB your eligable with your quals.

    Sombrefrog one of the old FRG crew is now my sunray, was also talking to 24 Albert about you, the becks top incident happened round his house :oops: :oops: :oops: :wink:
  7. sounds like my kinda job 8) where do i sign :D :D :D
  8. Iron , pm me your sunray, I hate becks tops and soperglue !!!
  9. is there opportunites to travel or are you just based in the uk i think i would prefer as a b mechanic.
  10. Dont be a Squatter, be a real man A Mech all the way.

    Sombrerofrog pm sent, lalalalal lalalalal la la la MBW on its way :wink:
  11. 'B' mech is way ahead fella, dont listen to the orangutans and become an 'A' mech you will turn into a crossdresser. 'B' mechs have more choice of postings apparently but seems there are a lot of units out there infected with 'A' mechs might get lucky and get to a unit without any if you do join as a vermin.
  12. Listen to The IRON mate, who wants to mince about with wheeled kit when you can get in to the dogs bollox at the sharp end?
  13. Yes mate Im in a Squatters post at the moment educating them how to be a proper mechanic. Dresses are not allowd to be worn at work anymore now sombrerofrog so we've got to wear them at weekends only now :wink:
  14. :D Fack orf!It is the other way around. You are in a 'B' mech post so that they can show you how to fix kit properly without resorting to smashing it with a sledge hammer or jamming a london screwdriver in then wiggling it around. I am suprised you spelt educating correctly i thought you would have spelt it educamation!! Or is that just how 'A' mechs speak? :scratch: :? :wink: