Hi guys and girls,

I have 2 interviews in the same day on Wednesday 9th of May, and I'm abit stuck about what I need to learn about the army, and about the Rifles which I'm hoping to join. Can anybody help me with this?


have a trawl through that lot, although they're equally likely to ask you why the infantry in genereal and not e.g. signals. Think about why you want to join the army, what do your parents think about it and what your strengths and weaknesses are. They're also going to ask about your hobbies, what you did at school, etc.

In terms of the rifles, best thing I found is to just look at the different roles, which one interests you the most and why. They aren't going to ask you much about the history, but it's pretty key to know basic stuff e.g. who Sir John Moore was.

Hope that helps

Thankyou mate

Edit: are they likely to ask me about every war we've ever fought in? Sorry if Im sounding dumb I'd just like to be prepared thats all, cheers.
Useful to remember that Sharpe is a fictional character.

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