im starting my interviews at the careers office on monday i was just wondering any tips on helping what are they going to ask me for them i know the first one they ask about your run time and ask you questions on your 3 career choices, but what about your other ones? thanks a lot
well mate when they ask you about ya careers choices make sure u no wht places you are going for which phase's in each job and how many weeks you will be there for and trying memories the job description. if you do that you will be fine make only over questions are like you said is your run time and they will ask you how many heaves you can do.

hope tht helps :D
well in the first one you will make your 3 job choices and then your recruiting officer will print off information about them and youve got to memorise specific information like, how long training is for each one and where it is, they will ask you those questions in your second interview, the other questions in your 2nd interview are just stuff like, whats life like at home?, what was school like?, and why do you want to join the army?
as long as you talk on your second one you will pass easilly, good luck!
i had my 2nd interview yesterday and it was fine, it was a pretty laid back interview, he asked for my run time, how many push ups, sit ups and heaves i could do in 2 mins. Then he went on to talk about life at home, do i pay rent, do i do my own washing an ironing, who i live with and what they think about me joining etc, then asked about interests like what sports i like and what i generally do at the weekend when i go out n stuff.
Know about your job choices mainly your first choice, i only got asked where i go for basic and trade training and how long each was, just show u have researched your job choice and know general info on them.

Good luck, its not too daunting dont worry.

Normally within two weeks of taking the BARB test you will be interviewed by a recruiter. You will be asked about your home life and family, school and education, sports, hobbies and interests. You will also be asked why you want to be a soldier, why the role you have selected and what you know about the Army and the training you will have to complete. A basic understanding of where the Army is deployed too is expected however, this is not critical to your overall interview.This interview is not to catch you out. The recruiter is their to help you get in not to stop you. If there are any problems they will talk about it to see how they can help.
first job choice is Artillery Command Systems and im not sure when selection is i was told a couple weeks because the people who assess my interview report and give the date dont go back to work til the 8th.
selection is real easy. i was told that if you make it through the first day youve basically passed and that was the case with me and everyone else, good luck in selection!
Don't worry about the interviews mate there really easy. My interviews were also quite laid back and I wasn't even asked why I wanted to join the army or why I wanted to be a soldier. If your not too sure about your 3 carreer choices your recruiter will help you on your first interview. I wasn't asked how many sit-ups and press-ups I could do but was asked my run time and how many chin-ups i could do. I'm actually going up to the RSC (ADSC) on tuesday so i've been running my b*llocks off lately.
But don't worry about the interviews mate, you'll have no problem.

Good luck
heya everyone, i have also got my interview on this Tuesday and I'm wondering what a good run time would be since i have improved it a lot but dont know what they are expecting for a 1 and a half mile run??? please help if you can, cheers
well i told my interviewer that my run time was 11 mins and he was fine with that and i did it in 10.38 at selection, unless you want to join the paras then the cut off point is 9.18 i think... good luck in your interviews

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