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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Leicsnoob, Aug 18, 2012.

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  1. I have an interview coming up with a regiment, and was wondering what essentials I should know?

    To put in perspective, and as a word of warning for others off on regimental visits and interviews, I was told to learn about the regiment, as the Lt-Col conducting the interviews has so far been not only unimpressed with some of the candidates knowledge, but positively insulted by some of them.

    So far I've got on my little fact sheet, the role of each Battalion within the regiment, and from where they originated. Should I be learning stuff like:
    -Marches (Slow and Quick)
    -Specific dates, i.e. founded on 1/09/2007
    -Famous Battles or days they observe (e.g. Minden Day)

    Any help from people would be appreciated, especially from those who've already done one of these.
  2. Which regiment?
  3. A big ******* yes mate. You should know as much as you can about the Regiment in question. In addition to what you have listed do not forget things like battle honours, twinned Regiments, traditions and notable former soldiers. Learn how the Regiment came to be, and if it is an amalgamation, at least have an understanding of the former Regiments histories. The more you know the better.

  4. Yes, the more you know about the Regiment, it's history and in particular it's recent operational history and what it's role is then the more you will convince that you are keen and enthusiastic. Bear in mind that although they will be keen to recruit, they will be looking for firstly a good quality candidate but also someone who understands (at least in outline) what the regiment is about and will fit in. Having a decent basic knowledge about the history and role will allow you to show that in interview.
  5. Interviews currently with:

    Royal Anglians
  6. 'A nice to have' in my opinion- details of recent operational experience/where the Regiment is based/where the soldiers are recruited are all useful. I wouldn't get too worried about every little detail of Regimental History at this stage, that will all come as a YO!

    What I would start to prepare for is your replies/ideas for when put certain scenarios to consider, for example, how would you deal with soldiers who have refused to go on patrol? I had a few such scenarios to consider, and even if you don't give a 'tactically correct' answer if doesn't matter. If you show reasoning and consideration whilst being confident in yourself, this will be a lot better then knowing when the regiment won its xth VC etc

    Best of luck with your interview!